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I'm so excited about this page....
Curious which of the dogs on my site are dogs I raised?  Or what kind of dogs I raise?  What do these puppies look like when they're all grown up?  Check this page out...
I'm only putting dogs/puppies on this page that I have bred and raised.


Most of these dogs are still here, but some have found other homes or have been retired.

This is Sniper!  He is from a breeding between Toots and Booger years ago!  I sold him to a friend of mine here in Oklahoma.  I got lucky enough to get him back!  Toots was one of the first 10 mini/toy aussies I ever owned and Booger was one of my first, favorite and best stud dogs ever.  So Sniper brings back some of my foundation bloodlines.  Watch for his puppies in the future. He's only 11 inches tall and weighs about 12 lbs.  He is a VERY stocky boy. 


This is Dottie.  She's 14 inches and is a daughter of Brandy and Jackpot.   She has had 2 beautiful, huge litters and even had a couple of blue eyed tris!  I have kept back a few puppies of hers, watch for them in the future!


Sara is an AWESOME toy!  She weighs 7 lbs and is almost 10 inches tall.  She has a perfect head, great ear set, nice bone and a nice straight topline.  She is getting a wonderful thick coat to top it all off.  I can't say enough about her.  I can't wait till her hair gets longer and I can get some more pictures of her!  She's such a neat dog...and she knows it!

Click on above thumbnails to see larger pics!


Vegas is a black tri toy male with 2 blue eyes.  He was born here and is a son of Maggie and Cooter!  This is one of the many blue eyed tri puppies that Cooter has sired.  He was one of 3 blue eyed tri puppies in his litter.  He has excellent conformation and is 12 inches tall.  Watch for his puppies and his sister's too! 
Sire Chapmans Little Spike (Cooter) and Dam is Porter's Maggie

Vegas not only earned multi-championship titles, both of his parents are Championed and he is also multi champion producer!


Red Cowgirl, mother of Mandi.Red Cowgirls sister...Mandi's aunt

Mandi is a toy daughter of Jake and Red Cowgirl.  She is a great example of the quality toys Jake can throw even with bigger females.  She is 11 inches tall, huge full collar and those glowing blue eyes.  Great girl with nice conformation.  Red Cowgirl is a sister to Brandy and Kiwi on my past dogs page.  Mandi is a 3rd generation Porter puppy!  I'm proud of this girl! 


This is Maggie, she's one of my favorite girls.  She has such a wonderful, loving personality.  She's so laid back and wants nothing more than to be in your lap! She doesn't have a lot of white, but she throws nice puppies!  She is the mother of Reno and Vegas, both blue eyed tris.  She passes on her heavy coat and heavy bone.  She's 13 inches.  She was raised here.  Her mother was Kenya and sire was Canyon.  They can be seen on my past dogs page!
Maggie earned her championship title!


Meet Jamie.  She was raised her and is a daughter of Cooter.  She's small, only 12 inches and a stocky 15lbs. She has her dad's bright blue eyes and wonderful, friendly personality.  Jamie is a fun girl who is always smiling and grinning.  She has a habit of coming up behind you and walking right between your feet.  Better watch out when she's around, she's so little you'll trip right over her!  She has a beautiful coat and her color is so striking.  On one side it is very light with small spots and the other side is so bold!  Her huge collar and smiling face really tops off her looks.
Jamie has earned her championship title!


Foxy is a great size, 11 1/2 inches and 13 lbs.  She doesn't have a lot of white, but she has the most beautiful copper.  Its very rich and stands out on her and her puppies!  She got her name partly because of her tail, but also because she loves to dig a fox hole under her dog house!  She's always hanging out under there with Leah!  Everyone loves Foxy, she is the first dog everyone points out! 

Sire: Waggin' Tail Jackpot   Dam: Porter's Jazzy

Foxy as a puppy!
Foxy,     Foxy and Leah in the 'fox hole',  Foxy and Daisy working the goats, Foxy as a puppy    Jackpot her sire and  Jazz her dam.


Patty is 12 inches tall and is a daughter of Savannah and Cooter.  She was out of a huge litter of 11!  She has proven herself to be a great producer and a wonderful mother.  She's very sweet and like her dad Cooter, she smiles all of the time. 


Abby is a daughter of Hallie and Cowboy.  She is 12 1/2 inches tall and has awesome bone, a beautiful head and ear set.  I love her size and conformation.  She is out of coat in these pictures.  She has nice markings, pretty copper and that blue eye just adds to how nice she is.  She is a proven producer of blue eyed tris.  She even had a double blue eyed tri!  She is related to Diva and Whisper.  They're her cousins!

Abby has been retired!


Gia is younger in these pictures.  She was born here and is a daughter of Lilly and Jackpot.  She's 13 3/4 inches tall.  I need to get some new pics of this pretty girl! Her and Vegas are producing puppies who are winning their championship in conformation!  And what a great mommy she is!


Billie is a small toy!  She is right under 11 inches tall, weighs 10 lbs and as as cute and as sweet as they come!  She loves attention and is everyone's buddy!  Crossed with Cooter, she throws that rich copper that she has with just a little more white!  If you like toys, you'll love her!  I raised her here, she is a daughter of Jazz and Booger!  I wish I had better pictures, but I can't ever get her far enough away from me long enough to get better ones.

Pictured above, Billie, affectionately called Mama, is pictured here with her 2 puppies that both ended up earning their championship titles.  One winning Best in Show and the other Reserve Best in Show.  Look for Lindsey's Supernatural Request and Lindsey's Rebel Chic on my bred by page for more pics of these girls.
'Mama' has earned her championship title!


She's bred & starting to show in this picture!
Piper's Champion titled kids! Click on the thumbnails.
Piper is a great girl.  She is a daughter of Satch and Topper.  She's 12 inches tall and is a great asset to my breeding program.  She is a cousin of Abby's and goes back to a lot of my foundation bloodlines.  She has a sweet personality and is very confident.  She is also a great mommy!  She raised 9 puppies, most of which weren't even hers!


This is Reno, she was born here!  She is a daughter of Maggie and Cooter.  Her brother is on our studs page, his name is Vegas!  Both of these guys are beautiful dogs and I couldn't be more proud of them.  She's 11  inches and about 11 lbs.  She was one of 3 blue eyed tri puppies in her litter. 


This is Leah!  She is a daughter of Billie and Cooter!  She's turning into a beautiful girl!  I'm very excited about her.  She's 12 inches and weighs about 12lbs.  She has that rich copper that shows up in all of her puppies.  It really makes her stand out!  She's filled out nicely and has proven herself to be an amazing producer and a great mother.  Just look at Maybelline and Peggy Sue!

Leah earned her championship title at the show here in May


Upcoming stars of the 'bred by' page...

Watch them grow up!  I'll add pictures as they mature.


These two girls are daughters of Jake x Dottie.  They are both toys.  They have amazing copper and are getting nice coats like their parents. 

Oh, by the way... These two girls are 5th generation Porter Puppies!

Lindsey's Kickin Assets has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!  She is 11 1/2 inches tall and has got it ALL!

Begging for belly rubs just like her daddy pictured below!

Daddy loves to roll on his back and beg for belly rubs too!
Once in a Blue Moon has found a wonderful pet home in northern Oklahoma.


This is also a Dottie x Jake girl.  She's a little bit bigger.  Has an amazing head and is an all around beautiful dog.  It was SUPER windy when I was taking these pictures so bare with me!  She's going to be such a quality girl.  Really looking forward to seeing what she looks like in a few months!

She has gone to live with a good friend of mine in Arkansas. 

Jake, the champion sire of the 3 girls above.

click on the thumbnail to see it larger.


Leah x Hotshot
These girls are both toys.

This is my Peggy Sue.  She got her name because of her peg leg.  Her mom accidently chewed her foot off when she was 3 days old.  She has never known any different and you'd never know she only has 3 feet!  She runs around like a crazy girl and keeps up with the rest of the dogs.  She is one of my favorite all time dogs.  Her personality is amazing and she's got a HUGE heart! She is 10 1/2 inches tall and weighs 7lbs.  She's still in her summer coat here.  Looking forward to getting new pics of her in the spring!



Maybelline is a very flashy girl.  Just like I like 'em!  She's perfect at 12 inches tall, she's always standing square and posing for pictures.  She is a harlequin/tweed and has huge dilute patches all over her.  Her patches that look white on her body are actually just a couple of shades darker than her white collar.  She is one of my favorites.  Maybelline loves to be carried around and will sit pretty all day long if that is what it takes to get a yummy!  Her and the cat have a catch me if you can relationship.  The cat loves it and will pounce on her if she ignores his taunting. 
Maybelline   AKA   Lindsey's Optical Illusion
She earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title in conformation!  Good job Maybelline! 

This is Bandit, a son of Jazz, Billie's mom.  He would be Billie's 1/2 brother.  Billie's line is where these amazing colors come from.


Shania x Vegas

Martina is a very cute little girl.  I've always liked her personality.  She's definitely has a lot of drive to work.  Always inquisitive and interested in everything that's going on she has that herding instinct that is so often lost in the toy aussies.  Some prefer the more laid back aussie, but for those who want agility, working or fly ball toy aussies...this girl will throw some pups with amazing potential! She's 11 inches tall at 7 months old and holding steady!
Martina has a home in eastern Oklahoma!

Chica x Vegas

9 wks old, under a poundwith her brother at 9 wks
My little Cookie Monster!  We named her Monster when she was a puppy because she insisted of having run of the house.  You could hear her running around on the carpet in the mornings.  Sounded like a tiny little monster scurrying around the bed.  That is how this tiny girl got her name.  At almost 5 months old, she weighs 3lbs.  She still insists on having the run of the farm.  She can squeeze through the 2x4 horse fence and go where ever she pleases.  Her and Peggy Sue are best friends.  She's also a herding little thing.  She constantly chases Peggy Sue, Maybelline and the cat all over the yard.  The cat thinks she's a joke and just lays down and lets her run all over him!  I could go on and on about her.  :)

Ever wonder what an upside down monster looks like!?

This little girl doesn't care if she's upside down or backwards.  She just wants to be held and loved ALL of the time.  What an awesome little dog she is!


OK!  As if I didn't have enough to say about Monster already...
She also got best in breed AND kicked butt in the herding instinct class!  YAY MONSTER!
She tried hard in the agility class, but was too small to do most of the obstacles! Always next year!



This is Robin!  She's just a teenager here, but she's already amazing.  She's 10 1/2 inches tall, 7 lbs and getting prettier every day!  She's an awesome little girl.  She was born here and is a daughter of Opal and Ranger.  Max white, 1 blue eye and one green eye.  She will also be ready to show in May.  She's going to kick butt in the toy classes!  Robin had puppies instead of going to the dog show...maybe next year.  She has a beautiful litter with Ch. Lindsey's Smokin' Sniper.


An exciting upcoming star here!  She was born here and is turning into a beautiful girl.  She is a daughter of CH. Satch and CH. Topper! She is perfectly marked, 1 blue eye, conformation, personality, she has it all!  She is right at 13 inches tall.  Watch for her in the show ring!

Lindsey's Sneak Preview got her CHAMPIONSHIP title!


The puppies I've kept back...Watch them grow up with me.  I'll leave their old pictures on as thumbnails.  I try to update their pictures once a month or so. 

Piper x Jake toy female
Lindsey's Dun it Hollywood Style
She earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title along with her brother and her sire, Jake!


Piper x Jake male
 Lindsey's Totally Stylin'
Stylin' earned his championship title along with is sister, Hollywood and sire Jake.
Stylin' found a great home in Arkansas.  He was a little taller than what I want for my breeding program.  But he's a busy boy where he is!

Chaser's littermate brotherArmani, Magic's brother.  International Champion.
Abby x Cooter toy female
Lindsey's Chasing Magic
Like her brother, Armani, Chaser was awarded her CHAMPIONSHIP title!

Flame is a Patty x Cooter toy female
Wait till you see pictures of this girl all grown up!

Kendra is a cute 13 inch girl.  Sky x Vegas toy/sm mini female

Gambles, a Maggie x Cooter daughter. (full sister to Reno & Vegas) 2 partial blue eyes

Gia x Vegas toy female
Champion and Reserve Best of Breed (right after Monster!)
Now owned by Jill Huxol!  Congrats Jill!

Lindsey's First Rate Review
Sister to Ch. Lindsey's Sneak Preview
She earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!
Satch x Topper small mini/large toy female

Nyx x Cooter toy male.
  At just over 6 months old I measured him at 11 inches tall and he weighs 11.2 lbs. 
He has nice copper, pretty blue eyes and a nice collar.  I'm excited to have such a nice boy and am looking forward to his puppies in the future!
Lindsey's Customized Design
'Dizzy' earned his CHAMPIONSHIP title!



The two girls pictured below are daughters of Billie x Hotshot.  One got Best in Show and one got Reserve Best in Show at 12 wks old!  What beautiful girls these are!






This is a Leah x Hotshot puppy.  Her name is Candi, she's 13 inches tall and weighs about 18lbs.  Very stocky, tons of white and copper.  She's turning out very nice! 
Full sister to CH. Optical Illusion and Peggy Sue.



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