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Dogs of the past!
This page is dedicated to some of my favorite dogs that I have owned, raised, retired or sent to new homes!

"Booger" is a foundation sire of mini aussies.  He has sired countless quality mini and toy aussies.  I had the privilege to own him for about 2 years.  He passed on his great conformation and striking color.  I kept a few puppies back who you can find on my now raising puppies here! 


Brandy is one of my all time favorites!  She has such a wonderful personality! She was one of my very first minis!  She is the one that made me fall in love with the breed.  She has been retired to a wonderful pet home in Texas!  Pictured with her is Dottie, a daughter of Brandy.  I also had a litter out of her before I found the perfect pet home for her!  She is always a happy girl!


Kallie is a littermate sister of Brandy and Kiwi.  I got her from the breeder a little after Brandy and Kiwi.   She was a little more shy then they were, but she was always smiling and grinning!  What a sweet girl she was! She is retired too!  She's pictured here with her son, sired by Canyon.


Kiwi, Brandy and Kallie's smaller sister!  She was 14 inches tall and like Kallie and Brandy, always grinning.  She's retired with Brandy in Texas!


Gigi.  She is the mother of Brandy, Kiwi and Kallie.  I just had to buy her when I got the chance.  She had great conformation, 15 inches and was a wonderful mother.  She is retired from raising puppies and is now a very much loved companion. 

Cowgirl.  She is a daughter of Gigi and a half sister to Brandy, Kiwi and Kallie.  She was a beautiful girl and is the mother of Reba! She was one of the dogs I probably got the most compliments about. 

This is Stormy.  She is another one of the first mini aussies I owned.  She was a harlequin red merle.  She was out of a standard aussie and a mini.  Even though she was half standard, she was only 14 inches tall.  Her puppies had a lot of drive and were always great quality dogs.  Her outside bloodlines, brought much needed new lines into the mini aussie world!  As small as she was, she had huge litters!  9-11 puppies to a litter!  Check out her past litters on my 'Links' page.



This is Reflection of Stormy.  She is a daughter of Stormy.  She looks so much like her mother!  I had sold her to a good friend of mine when she was a puppy.  Her mother died in an accident so I had to have her back!  Thats when I bought her, and also got 'Lindsey' back from another breeder.  Stormy's puppies had been so popular that I hadn't been able to keep one back!  I bought her and Lindsey back to keep along with Shadow.  I've been pleased with what these girls have thrown for me.  Her last litter was of 11 puppies!  Her sisters also throw large litters!


This is Nicki.  She was my very first mini aussie.  She was 16 inches tall.  I actually got her in on a horse trade!  She was a little bit shy, but I spent a lot of time with her and she finally came out of her shell.  She needed some love and patience!  She got me interested enough to buy Brandy and Kiwi!  That's how it started! 


Sadie is a daughter of Nikki.  She was kept back out of my very first litter.  She later produced a blue eyed tri!  She was nice quality and was quite a bit smaller than her mother.  She was 14 inches.  Sweet girl and a great mother! 


Kenya was bred in this picture!  She was a neat girl.  Lots of drive!  She also threw puppies quite a bit smaller than her.  She is the mother of Maggie who is one of my current favorite girls.  Maggie can be found on my website.  She has nice litters, including blue eyed tris.  Kenya is Vegas and Reno's grandmother!  I think its neat to look back at where my dogs came from!


This is Hallie.  She is retired now!  I had her along with 3 of her sisters.  I sent one of her sisters to a good mini aussie breeder friend of mine in Texas.  Kelly has a daughter and grand-daughters of this line.  Click on the thumbnails to see some of her daughters, nieces and nephews!  Diva and Whisper are her great grand neices!  Check them out on my page!


Jazz came from Arizona.  She was 13 inches and taught me a lot about aussie genetics.  She surprised me with pattern white black tri and blue merle puppies.  I didn't know you could get spotted puppies out of a normal tri and a merle.  It got my attention and I spent hours reading about genetics, colors, etc.  I kept some of her puppies, including Foxy and Billie.  Leah is a grand daughter of Jazz, a daughter of Billie. 


This is Canyon.  He was one of my first stud dogs.  I brought him home when I had 4 girls in heat and no boys that were ready!  Opossum was just a young man then!  He saved me and I had some beautiful puppies out of Canyon!  He had awesome conformation, looked like a standard, but in the mini package.  He was a great sire and produced some outstanding puppies.  He's retired now and enjoying riding around the back of a pick up in Ohio!

Cowboy was one of my all time favorites!  He is a half brother to Cooter.  He has a lot of toys in his background and has thrown a lot of toys even on bigger girls.  He has retired and is now a traveling rodeo dog!


Zipper and Snickers were two of  my very first toys.  I remember getting them and thinking they were the ugliest things  I'd ever bought!  After they  got through the puppy uglies, they turned into a couple of nice girls!  At 11 inches tall and about 10lbs they were very cute, nice quality girls!  Both are now retired to pet homes!

Jackpot was one of my very favorite dogs.  He spent a lot of time in the house with me and also enjoyed going to horse sales with me!  Aside from producing some beautiful puppies, he was a lot of help around the barn and was always right there when I called him.  A very obedient, protective friend.  He's now living in New York.  He's loving the attention and is enjoying life!


Dolly is Cooter's mom.  She's a beautiful girl and is outstanding!  She is 10 inches tall and 8lbs.  She was a sweet girl, a house dog and a regular at the horse sales!  She was a favorite to everyone she met!  She is now a single house dog and is livin' it up!


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