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Storm and Mick
July 21, 2005


Storm is a beautiful 17 inch female  that came to us from Canada.   Storm has the most beautiful, striking color.  Her conformation is complimented by her beautiful head and nice bright copper.  Storm has done some agility and is very athletic and loves to please.  She's one of those dogs that if you throw a ball to her she jumps up and does a back flip catching it.  Very very athletic!  She's really a sweetheart!  Thank you Sally!

Mick has made us very proud!  He has given us a lot of very beautiful puppies.  He seems to be downsizing everything he is bred to.  (He's 15 inches) We even got a few 11 inch dogs out of him and a 18 inch female!  He passes on his sweet disposition, nice stocky conformation & thick wavy coat.  He's got a nice square head, big bone & he can even throw quite a bit of white!  We're proud of him!    


Red merle female minimal white green $800 AVAILABLE!

Blue merle male $650 SOLD! Thanks Sandy of CA!

BLUE MERLE MALE.  $550  SOLD!  Thank you to the Castaneda's!
His only merling is on the inside of his back legs. He looks like a tri, but genetically he is a merle!

Blue merle female $1000  SOLD!

Red merle female, full collar blue eyes  $1000  SOLD!

Black tri male, full collar.  $450  Sold! Thanks Sabrina of OK!!

Pics updated August 22nd.

The other blue merle female has been sold.

Updated pictures taken October 4th.  Sorry, they're starting to go through their funny stages!!

Red merle female, minimum white.  800

Blue merle female, minimum white, $900

Red merle female, full white collar, blue eyes.  $1000.




See Storm and Mick's last litter HERE!


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