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Toy/Mini Aussie
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S p e c i a l s !

Here is some info you might need to know about my specials!

Please remember I do not combine specials and there is a minimum of $200 on any/every puppy on my website.  In other words, if a puppy is marked $300 and there is a $150 special, the lowest the puppy will sell for is still $200. 

Specials only apply if you put the deposit down while a special is running.  In other words, if a deposit is put down before or after a special, it does not apply.

Note:  You can take advantage of any of these specials by putting a deposit down now!

Specials I have running now...





If you buy 2 puppies close enough to the same age to fly together I will pay for the shipping via Continental.  Puppies combined value has to be over $600. The actual shipping will be paid, however the buyer will still be responsible for the crate & health certificate.

These two specials ALWAYS apply on my website.

Military families, take an extra $25 off any puppy on my website.  This is the only special that can be combined with another special.  I grew up in a military town.  Lawton/Fort Sill,  Oklahoma.  I appreciate what you do so I wanted to offer a small thank you for protecting our country!

Take $150 off any puppy on my website before its 3 weeks old!
A deposit must be placed on a specific puppy before its 3 weeks old.  The deposit is non refundable and non transferable.  Deposits are meant to hold your puppy so no one else can buy it.  When I get a deposit, I mark the puppy SOLD.  People then pass by it when looking for their new puppy.  The reason deposits are non transferable is for this reason.  I could've possibly sold the puppy several times while it was marked sold. 




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Specials from the past!




Would you like to make a difference?
For every dollar donated to Brennen, I will double it!
In other words, if you donate $50 to Team Brennen, I will take $100 off the asking price of a puppy.  This is a great family that desperately needs our help. 
Look for Brennen on Facebook to follow his fight against Leukemia.  There are daily updates, reports and stories about Brennen. 
Donations can be made via PayPal to TeamBrennen@yahoo.com
$200 limit per puppy


Rules for the photo contest...
Send a picture of any of your pets, it doesn't have to be an aussie, or even a dog!  I'm looking for the best quality, cute picture!  The pictures will be judged by myself and two good friends of mine.  Michelle Ringwald of Blue Horizon Toy Aussies and Ashley Baddget of Ashland Aussies.

1st place takes an additional $150 off asking price of their puppy.
2nd place gets to take an extra $50 off.
3rd place takes $25 off.

There are lots of cute pictures on the internet so to qualify, you will have to take an additional picture of the pet you entered in the contest with a piece of paper that says PORTER HORSES on it.  I hate to say it, but I've had people cheat on these before!  Hey, I stole this picture that I used to make this icon off of a google search!
Pictures will be posted on my home page for the world to see!

If you would like to share your picture but can't buy a puppy now, feel free to send your picture anyway.  Just let me know when you send your email you aren't buying now.  In fact...if you send a picture now but can't get a puppy YET...

I'll send you a $25 gift certificate for a future purchase!

The contest will be judged on September 22nd, the first day of fall.  So you've got two weeks!  If you don't have any cute pictures of your dog or your favorite animal, you've got time to take some!

Email pictures to PorterHorseSales@aol.com 

As with all of my specials, there is a $200 minimum on my puppies.

Here is one of my favorite animal pictures to start us off...

Mali loves playing with all of the puppies.  I love her expression when the puppy bit down on her fingers.  She's always putting her fingers where they don't belong! Believe me, she still hasn't learned her lesson!  You can see more of Mali on her page.  Click here!





This is Attaboy, a son of my Jake!  Practicing agility and getting ready for his Championship title and first agility trial.  Hopefully we'll see him in Lawton, Ok at the ASDR show in May, 2011.


Thanks Jeff Bassman of CA for sending in your pictures of Bandit!  He's a beautiful boy.  I'm so proud that he came from me!  Congrats on your new puppy!


Tiffany couldn't leave any of her fur kids out so she sent in a picture of all 3 of them!  Thanks Tiffany!




Trick or Treat Special!
From now until Halloween only.  Take $225 off any puppy on my website!
This special only applies to puppies under 8 wks.



Beat the summer heat!
I t s   h o t ! !  Stay cool with my summer special!
Here is how it works, take your high temperature for the day and add it to my high temperature.  For example, if its 100 degrees here and 100 degrees where ever you are, you can take $200 off of any puppy on the website.  Just put your zip code in, I am going to go by what high temperature Weather.com has for the day.    Just enter your zip code or city below and find out how much you can save on a puppy!
As with all specials, no two specials can be combined except for the military special.  Also, there is a $500 minimum on my puppies.  Hey, you've gotta have some small print right? :)  Ends Aug 31.



Tax Return Specials!

Low deposit special! 
Its tax season and we're all waiting for our taxes to come back!  If you fall in love with a puppy and want me to hold it, I will hold it with only $100 down!  You have until 8 weeks to pay the puppy off! 

This special only applies to puppies 8 weeks and younger.


$150 off any puppy on my site until the start of summer break!  As always, minimum of $200.  There are some beautiful babies to choose from!


$250 off Valentines' Special
$250 off any puppy in Brooke's litter until Valentine's Day!  If you tell me you are sending me a deposit by Feb. 14th, the special is good!


...thanks to you guys and gals who took the opportunity to save some money and send me some great pictures!

Send me a picture of you doing an extreme sport and you'll get $150 off of any puppy on my website!

Here is mine!  Yours will go here too during this special!  I'd love to see your pictures!
Safe on the ground after my first skydive by myself! A beautiful sunset jump!Me and Dennis fixing to jump together!My first jump ever!  A tandem with Dennis of course!
Rapelling in the Wichita Mnts!First time down, a little nervous!Rapelling with Dennis!


Thanks Shea for sending me your picture!  Head down tandem!  Yes, this picture is right side up!  And the airplane is flying straight down!  WOW!


Thanks Sgt. Jay Patton for sending your pictures from Iraq!  I bet you can't wait for your R&R in December!  See you soon!  Congrats your purchase of Foxy's red tri male, Baxter! 

Thank you Lauren for sending me pics of you snow skiing and hot air ballooning!  Sounds like you had a blast seeing the sights from way up there!  Congratulations on your new puppy!

Thanks Jodi of WI for sending me a picture of you barrel racing!

Thanks Patty for sending your picture!  You're gonna love this red merle!  She'll look great with Rock!


Thanks Brooke for sending your picture!  Can't wait to meet you and introduce you to your new yorkie/shih tzu puppy!


Thanks Tony for sending your snowboarding picture!  Your little yorkie/shih tzu is waiting to meet you in GA!

Jason McGraw of Texas is a fireman.  Congrats on your red merle female!