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Recently Sold Horses...Just to give you an idea of what we sell!
And THANK YOU to all of our customers!! :)

Horses pictured below have been bought and sold since August 21, 2005.  Starting from the first sold...latest ones are at the end of the list!  Horses and dates listed first!

December 28, 2005
Sorrel registered yearling colt.  AP Skip O Sage  Very well built, show prospect...great for 4H!  SOLD!

December 21, 2005
Bay gelding.  Big, very broke and gentle.  Very good handle and fun for the family.  SOLD!
Gray and white paint gelding.  He rides awesome and gentle.  Only 5 years old.  Anybody can get along with him.  SOLD!
10 year old paint gelding.  He's big and stout.  Has been a great using horse, ready for a family and a job!  SOLD!
Big sorrel gelding.  Rides easy with just a halter and lead.  Family friendly.  SOLD!
Sorrel gelding, big and stout.  Ready for his own family.  Very gentle.  SOLD!
Sorrel mare, rides good and gentle.  Doesn't neck rein as well as the rest, but just as gentle! 

December 19, 2005
Dark sorrel gelding.  11 years old and super broke.  Cowboys look here!  Good looking and ready to use!  SOLD!

December 18, 2005
Bay gelding used on cattle and has been roped off of in the pasture.  Awesome handle.  SOLD!
Gray mare came off of a girl scout camp.  Rides slow, easy and very gentle.  Been there done that. 

December 16, 2005
Big bay gelding. Broke to death cowboy horse. Used on cattle, in the feed lots and in the pasture. Cowboy's look!  SOLD!

December 12, 2005
Sorrel yearling colt. Gentle and halter broke!  2 back stockings and a front sock!   SOLD!

December 11, 2005
Buckskin gelding.  Finished cutting horse.  Broke and gentle enough for anybody to ride.  LOTS of handle. SOLD!
Buckskin gelding, broke slow and easy.  Slower than the other buckskin and easy to handle. SOLD!
6 year old paint mare. Good looking, rides gentle and nice.  SOLD!
Gaited bay and white paint mare.  Broke and gentle.  SOLD!
Sorrel mare very broke, easy to handle and ride.  SOLD!
Big black gelding, rides nice and gentle.  SOLD!
Registered yearling stud colt.  Very gentle and halter broke!  
Palomino gelding.  Broke, very gentle and a nice handle. SOLD!

December 6, 2005
Brokest horse I've ever had!  Gray gelding, 16 years old. As broke and gentle as they come. Retired ranch horse.  SOLD!
Dark sorrel gelding.  He's 11 years old and also very broke and gentle.  Nice handle and fun to ride. SOLD!
Thoroughbred gelding.  Has run a little on the track.  Very gentle and loves attention. Barrel prospect deluxe!! SOLD!
VERY well bred bay quarter horse colt.  Zippo Pine Bar x2's, Boston Mac and Zippo's Mr. Good Bar, Good Asset on the papers! 

December 2, 2005
Appaloosa mare.  Red roan leopard.  Broke and gentle! SOLD!
Awesome buckskin gelding.  He's just coming 2 and he's huge!

November 29, 2005
Sorrel gelding.  Well broke and gentle.  He came from a friend and is a very friendly, loving pet!   SOLD!

November 26, 2005
Appaloosa gelding.  Bay with a blanket, has some cutting training.  Very gentle. SOLD!
Reg'd paint gelding.  3 year old, broke to death.  Very athletic and tons of potential! 
Real Tuff Hank
15 year old palomino mare.  Gentle for everybody.  SOLD!
Reg'd 16 year old sorrel gelding.  Family horse.  Big and pretty!  SOLD!
Another Amish draft horse cross.  Only, he's bigger!  VERY bombproof! SOLD!
16 year old gaited sorrel mare.  Gentle and easy to ride.  SOLD!
12 year old palomino gelding.  Rides gentle and easy.  SOLD!
16 year old sorrel gelding.  Rides gentle.  SOLD!
15 year old sorrel gelding.  BROKE to use. Too broke for a little kid, fun to ride!

November 23, 2005
Bay gelding, broke and gentle.  Ranch horse that has been ridden by a young girl.  BROKE!  SOLD!

November 19-20, 2005
Reg'd sorrel mare.  She's 10 years old, very cute, gentle and broke!  Doc Bar on her papers!  Genuine Poco Dot  SOLD!
Black gelding.  12 years old, very broke ranch gelding.  Roped off of in pasture.  Good using horse.  SOLD!
Bay gelding, broke and gentle.  Has been ridden in the feedlot.  4 years old.  SOLD!
Dark bay/black gelding.  12 year old has been used on a ranch. Gentle for everybody.
Sorrel roan mare with flax mane and tail., 4 years old but has been ridden a lot!  Has been hunted off of, trail rode,etc.
Blue roan mare.  11 years old, broke, very gentle and in foal to
Dreamliner Nick. a palomino stallion.   

November 18, 2005
Bay mare, 14 years old, has done it all.  Trails, parades, worked cattle,etc.  Broke broke!  SOLD!
Reg'd sorrel mare.  14 years old.  Very broke and gentle.  SOLD!
Appaloosa mare.  If you like leopard appaloosas you'll LOVE her!  She's LOUD!

November 13, 2005
Bay paint gelding, broke, gentle and easy on the eyes!  15 hands.  SOLD!
Palomino paint gelding, broke, very gentle and lazy! He's a big pet. SOLD!
Big, flashy appaloosa mare. Broke to ride.  SOLD!
Black mare, 2 years old, broke and gentle.  Ready to go in any direction! SOLD!

November 12, 2005
6 new horses...I was sick last night so I didn't list anything!
I've got to head to the barn now but here is a quick list...
Bay appaloosa gelding SOLD!
Brown appaloosa gelding
Bay roan appaloosa gelding  SOLD!
Reg'd app solid sorrel with a few roan hairs gelding.
Sorrel overo paint gelding  SOLD!
Reg'd buckskin paint mare, bred.
Missy Royal

November 11, 2005
Black and white paint mare.  6 years old, broke and gentle!  $600 SOLD!
Bay gelding, broke and gentle, just came off a hunting trip in the mountains! $800 SOLD!
Registered black and white paint mare.  7 years old. Broke, gentle. Boones Dancin Jewel   $700 SOLD!

November 9, 2005
Black gelding, broke, gentle and very easy to ride and handle!  $800  SOLD!
14 hand appaloosa mare. Rides gentle and easy.  White with black legs!  $650 SOLD!
Reg'd grulla stud colt. About 5 months old, GENTLE. All ground work done!  $150 (no place to keep a colt, he was a trade in!)  SOLD!

November 5, 2005
Red roan paint gelding.  Retired head/heal horse.  Ready for trail rides, hugs and treats! $450 SOLD!
Sorrel gelding.  4 tall stockings, blaze, very flashy gelding.  Broke, needs a job!  $450 SOLD!

November 4, 2005
5 year old paint mare.  Was ridden all summer by 2 kids. Parades, etc.  GENTLE!   $800 SOLD!
Big red dun gelding.  He's about 16 hands.  Well built and broke.  Barrels, trails, poles, parades...  $950  SOLD!
Missouri Fox trotter.  He's an older gelding.  Fun and easy to ride.  He is a gaited horse!  SMOOTH $950 SOLD!

October 31, 2005
Palomino mare, dead broke, lots of handle.  Neck reins very well.  SOLD!
Draft horse cross gelding. Came from the Amish. Broke to ride & drive.  BOMBPROOF.  SOLD!
Sorrel mare, broke, rides slow and easy.  Also neck reins.  SOLD!
Sorrel gelding.  I really like this guy.  Very broke, do anything you want with. Beginner horse.  SOLD!

October 30, 2005
Registered black mare.  Broke was used in the feedlots for 5 months.   Sierra Night Star SOLD

October 28, 2005
3 Sorrel mares.  2-5 years old.  SOLD!
2 year old filly.  SOLD!
4 year old sorrel mare, started.  SOLD!
5 year old sorrel mare, started.  SOLD!

October 27, 2005
Palomino mare.  AUTOMATIC calf roping horse.  14 years old.  SOLD!

October 22, 2005
Buckskin overo paint gelding.  Big pet, started riding, easy to handle. 2 years old, 14.2 hands.  SOLD!
Red dun overo paint gelding.  8 years old, rides gentle. 14.2 hands.
Bay gelding, came off of a ranch.  Use her on the ranch, family horse or a big pet! 14 years old.  14.3 hands. SOLD!
Bay roan gelding.  Came from an older gentleman who admits he can't ride.  Just needed the money! SOLD!
BIG stout sorrel gelding.  15 hands and very stocky.  Neck reins, easy to handle.  SOLD!
Sorrel paint gelding, 14.2 hands tall, very pretty and rides gentle.  Could use a little tuning up!  SOLD!
Sorrel Pony mare.  Slow, gentle, easy to ride.  10 years old, 13 hands.  SOLD!

October 20, 2005
Black mare, 5 years old.  Gentle, big pet.  Just a few rides, updates soon! $450  SOLD!
Gray mare, 5 years old.  Also just a few rides.  Updates, pics soon!
 $350  SOLD!
Buckskin paint colt. 4 white stockings! 4 months old.  Gentle. 
$250  SOLD!
Molly mule.  Broke to ride, gentle, has been hunted on. 14.1 hands, fat and pretty! $450

October 17, 2005
Registered bay mare.  Two Eyed Jack and Doc O'Lena ON her papers. Broke.  $900  SOLD!
Bay mare, broke Joak and more on her papers.  Also good looking and well broke.  $1000 SOLD!
Palomino mare 9 years old.  Rides gentle but doesn't know much.  Ranch brands all over!  $500  SOLD!
Red roan gelding.  3 years old.  Broke, rides easy.  Nice boy!  $750
Gray paint gelding.  Big nice horse.  Neck reins, rides good and gentle.  Everybody has been riding him!  $1000  SOLD!
Sorrel gelding, 14 hands.  Broke, rides gentle.  Could use a little tune up.  Ranchy looking.  Registered.  $650 SOLD!
Paint mare, broke.  14.2 hands.  Fat and pretty.  $550  SOLD!
Bay gelding.  Rides gentle and easy.  Could use just a little weight.  Cute, beginners have been riding him!  $750 SOLD!
4 year old BIG paint mare.  She's a sorrel frame overo, bald face.  Very flashy.   $800  SOLD!

October 15, 2005
Dark palomino mare, 14.2, 1100 lbs.  She's a STOUT mare.  Been used on cattle and as a broodmare. Gentle.  $850 SOLD!
Sorrel mare.  She's flashy and cute!  Kids have been doing playdays on her.  14 hands.  13 years old. SOLD!
12 year old red dun overo paint gelding.  Registered pinto.  Very broke, good looking and gentle!  15 hands.
 $1200 SOLD!
8 year old dun pony gelding.  12.2-13 hands.  Gentle rides around easy.  
$600  SOLD!
5 year old bay reg'd gelding.  Has been ridden in the feed lots and used in the pasture.  Very broke using horse.  SOLD!
Bay mare, 12 years old 14.3 hands.  Broke and gentle.  Ranch horse, trail horse, pleasure horse.  SOLD!
11 year old bay/white overo paint mare.  Trail rides, parades, gentle. 14.3 hands.  Very stocky and flashy. 
6 year old leopard appaloosa gelding.  14 hands.  Gentle rides around easy.  SOLD!
Palomino filly.  Coming 2 years old but has been handled by kids .  Ridden by an 8 year old with only a halter! GENTLE!!  

October 8, 2005
Registered black and white paint mare.  12 years old 14.2. Broke, flashy.  SOLD!
3 year old reg'd appaloosa gelding, he's skinny, but wait till you see his dad! Broke! SOLD!
Sorrel gelding, BIG, 16 hands plus.  Broke, easy to ride.  SOLD!
Bay 3 year old gelding.  He's been used on cattle, roped off of, had a job! VERY BROKE.  SOLD!
Red/white paint mare.  8 years old.  13.3-14 hands.  Broke.  Has done playdays...  SOLD!
Sorrel gelding, 2 years old, broke, riding gentle.  CHEAP!  SOLD!
Bay paint filly, she's skinny, had just a few rides.  2 years old. CHEAP!  SOLD!
8 year old gray gelding.  He's big and stout.  Great for a someone to learn on! CHEAP!  SOLD!
Buckskin mare, broke.  Has been roped off of in the pasture, playdays, trails...etc!  SOLD!

October 2, 2005
Pony mare, 11 hands, gentle and as cute as they come.  She's sound!  SOLD!
BIG sorrel gelding.  15.3 and very stocky!  He'd make a heck of a using horse!  SOLD!
Registered sorrel paint gelding.  He's gentle and his feet are sore so he's CHEAP! Check him out! SOLD!

October 1, 2005
13.2 hand palomino mare.  12 years.  Kids have been riding her.  SOLD!
Palomino stud colt.  Will be dark palomino.  Son of mare mentioned above. 5 months. SOLD!
Appaloosa gelding, 14.1 hands tall, stocky, came off boys ranch.  Bay with blanket (snowcap). SOLD!
Appaloosa mare, 14.2 hands tall, gentle, 11 years old.  Red roan. SOLD!

September 25th, 2005
Registered black and white paint stud colt.  BIG boy, only 5 months old!  SOLD!

September 17th, 2005
Black mare.  Smooth mouth.  Gentle for everybody to ride!  SOLD!
            Bay gelding 5 years old, loping barrels, trotting poles.  Ridden in parades,
roped off of in pasture (and in town!) SOLD!

September 16th, 2005
Sorrel overo paint mare.  Reg'd and only 2 years old.  FLASHY! SOLD!
Miniature paint donkey, gentle as they come and broke!  SOLD!

September 15th, 2005
Black tobiano paint gelding.  Reg'd 2 years old.  SOLD!
Bay tobiano paint gelding, 2 years old, reg'd. SOLD!
Bay tobiano paint gelding.  Reg'd, 2 years old.
Bay coming 2 year old paint filly, reg'd.  SOLD!
Blue Roan reg'd quarter horse filly.  1 1/2 years old.  SOLD!
Red roan  reg'd quarter horse filly.  1 1/2 years old.  SOLD!
Gray reg'd quarter horse mare.  2 1/2 years old.  Broke.  SOLD!
Buckskin gelding.  9 years old.  Rides awesome!  SOLD!
Palomino mare.  11 years old.  Broke.  BIG!  SOLD!
Bay mare, 5 years old.  Broke gentle.  14.1 hands. SOLD!

September 11th, 2005
Registered paint stud colt.  2 years old.  Gentle, beautiful, will be started tomorrow!  Just wait till you see him!  SOLD!
VERY flashy black and white paint gelding.  4 years old.  Broke and very gentle!  SOLD!
Reg'd Paint mare, solid bay.  3 years old.  Broke gentle.  SOLD!
Buckskin mare sold with baby at side.  Broke and gentle.  11 years old.  SOLD!
Registered bay and white paint mare.  Also broke and gentle.  8 years old.  SOLD!
Red roan paint mare.  2 years old.  Bred to fly!  Gentle, will be started tomorrow! SOLD!
Black and white paint mare.  2 years old has been ridden ALOT by kids.  GENTLE!  SOLD!
Sorrel pony mare, 12 years old.  Slow and gentle.  SOLD!
Registered appaloosa mare.  BUCKSKIN with a blanket!  9 years old.  SOLD!
Bay part arabian gelding.  Broke, 11 years old.  SOLD!
Reg'd Black and white stud colt.  1 year old. 

September 4th, 2005
 5 year old gray gelding.  Broke, good looking and the right color!  SOLD!

August 30, 2005
2000 yellow dun (buckskin) gelding.  BIG, reg'd and broke.  Blondy's Dude and MORE on his papers! SOLD!
2002 reg'd palomino filly.  Gentle, we're starting her now!  Calf horse prospect! 14.2 and very stocky! SOLD!
2000 reg'd paint gelding.  He's broke gentle.  Feet broken off short, a little soft on hard ground.  They'll grow back! SOLD!
1994 reg'd bay mare.  Broke gentle, fat and pretty! Classy looking mare! 

August 21, 2005
1998 solid APHA mare.  Awesome breeding, good looks, rides gentle! SOLD!
Sorrel gelding 7 years old rides gentle.  SOLD!
Dun mare 3 years old, trail rides, easy to ride and gentle!  SOLD!
Sorrel mare, 8 years old came from giddy up and go.  SOLD!
Paint gelding, 9 years old also came from giddy up and go.  Floppy ear.  SOLD!
20 x 6 1/2 foot gooseneck stock trailer  SOLD!
14 x 5 bumper pull stock trailer SOLD!

And here are the pictures of all of 'em!

JW Miss Cash Hancock 2002 AQHA Palomino Mare

Miss Cash is about 14.2 hands tall, but don't let that fool you, she's a very stocky horse!  She'd be the perfect calf horse!   Just like the others, she's a big pet!  Easy to catch, harder to get away from her!  She's always following you around!!  We just started riding her tonight (Aug 31) and she did awesome.  She's very gentle and will be easy to break.  $800 SOLD!


Magnolia Sugar  1998 black solid APHA Mare
This mare is athletic, gentle and good lookin'!  She's about 15 hands.  She has been had 2 foals.  She's always in your pocket, easy to catch, saddle and ride.  She doesn't neckrein much but is easy to turn around.  Nice mare, tons of potential!  Gentle enough for an confident intermediate rider to ride!  $750 SOLD!
Click on her name above for her bloodlines! 



5 year old gray gelding.  He is broke, rides around gentle.  He is a little rusty and needs miles to refresh his memory!  He is not for a beginner, but don't get me wrong, he's not an outlaw either!  Just needs someone with a little experience and confidence! He's beautiful, the color everyone wants!  If we have him for more than a week, his price will go up.  We expect him to be riding very nice with just a few more rides!  This week's  special!  $550  SOLD!!!


Cracker is a big pet.  He's very gentle and rides around easy.  He does not neck rein and like the others could use just a little tuning!  Nothing a few miles down the road can't fix!  Just because he needs some tuning doesn't mean he tries to buck or anything.  Just a little rusty!!    Right now his feet are broken off a little short so he's a little soft on rocks.  Soft ground, or pasture doesn't hurt him.  Since it's going to take a couple months to grow out he's cheap!  Buy him now at 450!  SOLD!


Ms Fancy Del 1994 AQHA bay mare
more info coming, click on her name for her pedigree
Fancy is a big, beautiful mare!  She's about 14.3 hangs tall, gentle and of course, broke to ride!  She neck reins fine, she's just a little rusty!  But she's picking it up again very quick!  She is easy to catch, very gentle!! UPDATE:  She's riding awesome!!  Call me for more info on her!
$850  SOLD!


Dudes Yellow Bars 2000 AQHA Buckskin Dun Gelding

This guy is big!  He is about 15.1 and weighs about 1200 lbs!   He's broke and has been used on cattle, in parades, etc.  He like the other three has been turned out and needs just a little riding!  We jumped on him today and rode him off!  He's a beautiful horse with tons of potential!  Check out his bloodlines!  $1250SOLD!


8 year old sorrel grade mare.  She has been used in giddy up and go, a handicap child group.  She is very gentle but was not slow enough for kids in wheel chairs.  This doesn't mean she's not super gentle.  Those horses have to be perfect! She's easy to ride, does not neck rein.  She's easy to handle, ride and be around!  15 hands.  Beginner rider and up!  $750  SOLD!


Sorrel gelding, 7 years old.  Broke gentle, has been trail ridden down the road, around the pasture, etc.  Has had kids led around on him, he's gentle.  But he's a BIG guy!  15.3 hands tall and STOUT!  He'd be a nice using horse!  He'd been turned out for the last two years...jumped on him and rode him down the road.  He just gets better and better!  Just needs miles!$750  We're just getting back started in the horses, we'll take $500 for him this week.  Sold!!


Gentle paint gelding, 9 years old.  Also came from giddy up and go.  Neck reins, rides easy and gentle.  He'll ride bareback with a halter and lead rope.  He's got a floppy ear!  It also has a torn spot, looks like he might have pulled it and damaged some nerves.  It does move, doesn't hurt him at all, just gives him personality!  14.3 hands. Beginner rider and up.  $750  SOLD!


3 year old buckskin mare.  She's gentle, started right and a quick learner!  She's a little thin, but we've wormed her and she's eatin' good!  Good lookin' girl, fun and easy to ride.  She's got tons of potential!  She's sure worth lookin' at!  Confident intermediate rider and up.  $850  Her price will go up if I still have her THURSDAY!  SOLD!


2 year old paint filly.  She has been ridden by an 12 year old girl miles and miles down the road.  Just needs someone to go on with her.  She's very gentle to ride and handle.  She's about 14.1 hands tall right now.  $700  SOLD!  Thanks Ken!


Registered paint stud colt.  2 years old.  Well, we were going to geld him, but since he's so gentle and easy to handle we have decided to wait.  This way he can be sold as a stud prospect or a gelding.  (we will have him gelded at buyers request.)   I just started riding him tonight (Sept 12th.)  He was easy, wanted to please.  Absolutely no fight or buck at all!  What a gentleman!  He is 700!  SOLD!  Thanks Ken!


Look out barrel racers!  This filly is bred to run!  She is a grand daughter of Dash for Cash and more.  Check out her pedigree.  Her reg'd name is Makn A Breeze.  She is 2 years old and is a red roan paint! She will be started tomorrow, when its not raining!  $750  SOLD!  Thanks Ken!


Grulla/buckskin mare.  She's  11 years old, sorrel filly at side.  She is thin but a nicely built, shapey mare!  The baby also has a great hip and a cute head!   Mom is crippled in her hind end but can get around fine.  She is broke to ride, and actually rides nice!  But should only be used as a pet, broodmare or light riding!  Mom and baby are only $500 this week!  SOLD!  Thanks Ken!


Bay gelding, part arabian, he's gentle and easy to ride.  He neckreins, rides in just a halter or a bit, either way!  He's 11 years old and what everybody is wanting!  Very easy to handle and ride!  $750 SOLD!  Thanks Edith!

Registered buckskin appaloosa mare.  She's 9 years old, about 14.2 hands tall and gentle.  She's been a broodmare, having pintaloosas for the last 5 years.  I got on her today and she rode fine!  Just needs a little tuning up!  Gentle and cute!  $650  SOLD!  Thanks Edith!


Big 4 year old BLACK and white paint gelding.  He's young and he doesn't know all there is to know yet, but he's gentle enough to ride outside in a halter and leadrope!  He's beautiful, one blue eye and one brown eye.  He stands about 15 hands right now!!  $1000 SOLD!  Thanks Tammy!


Registered  bay quarter horse mare.    She's 3 years old, broke and easy to ride and handle.  I think she would be gentle enough for a beginner to ride without any problems.  She's very easy going and wants to please.  She's about 14.3 hands.  $850 SOLD!  Thanks Ken!!


2 year old reg'd paint gelding.  He's black and white, gentle and broke!  He doesn't know a whole lot but he's sure easy to ride and handle!  Yes he's young, but like his half brothers (pictured below) he's been handled his whole life and he's very gentle!!!  This guy is ready to go on and do whatever you might want to do with him!!!  He'll be a big nice gelding...hasn't been in a very green pasture this year, but he's eating better here!  He'll be big and fat in no time!!  If you know anything about riding at all, have just a little bit of confidence, you can ride this horse or his other brother!!  $750  SOLD!


Registered coming 2 year old paint filly.  She is put together very well!  You wouldn't believe how nice she is!  We just started riding her today (Sept 16) and she did very good!  No buck or anything.  Just a gentle baby! 14.2 hands tall already!!  Call for updates on how she's riding!  Price will go up the more we ride her!! $1000


This registered gray quarter horse mare is a 2 year old.  She is about 14.2, she comes from the same place as the 2 yearlings pictured above.  She also has the same brands.  Looks like she's been in a pasture with a little less grass!  She's been started and only has a few rides.  More pics later...sorry no good ones! $650
SOLD!  Thanks Brian!


Blue roan filly, same as the bay roan, halter broke and gentle.  She's about the same size, maybe a little shorter.  14 hands?  She may be shorter but is a little thicker than the red roan filly.  She also has the ranch brand on her hip and shoulder.  $550  SOLD!  Thanks Donna!


9 year old buckskin gelding.  He's 15-15.1 hands tall, solid as a rock and ready to go to work!  He has been roped off of in the pasture, he's gentle and sound.  This guy has been with someone who was a little rough with him on the ground and can be a little untrusting of strangers on the ground.  (This doesn't mean he'll kick or bite, etc...just means he'll watch you a little extra close.)  He just needs someone to trust!  Easy to catch and ride.  $1300  SOLD!


11 year old double registered Palomino and Quarter Horse.  She's broke, gentle and easy to handle and catch!  She's only had one owner, she's not a trader horse!  She's just been standing around eating lately and needs a job! She rode good around the yard, but going down the road was a new deal to her!  She was a little nervous!  No buck or anything...just a little nervous!  She needs someone who will put some miles and time on her.  She's not hard to handle at all, just  a little inexperienced!  She's a big mare, 15.2, stout enough to pull a house and gentle enough for anybody to handle! She's sound and correct.  $1000 the more rides...the price goes up!  She just needs miles!! :)  SOLD!


Well as you can see, she's pretty gentle!  She rides gentle and easy, she neckreins and would be great for beginners or nervous riders.  She's an older mare.  But she's got a good back on her, she's sound and even easy to catch!  If you're looking for something to start out on or gain confidence with, come try this mare.  You'll like her!  She's about 14.2 hands tall.
$800  SOLD!   Ya'll got a good deal on her!  ;)


5 month old registered paint colt.  He's ONLY 5 months old in this picture!  He's a huge baby, running bred.  Gentle, halter broke, clips, bathes, picks up feet, etc.  $350  SOLD!


Bay roan registered quarter horse filly.  (reg'd as a red roan) She's just a yearling...born in the summer!  She's already 14-14.1 hands tall, she's halter broke and ready to be started on ground work!  She has a Rockin' H brand on her right shoulder and a 4 for the year she was born on her right hip.  These three 'Rockin' H' horses are cowbred.   $550  SOLD!


This is P.A.  For Paint "DONKEY".  He is a miniature paint donkey!  If you've never been around a mini donkey, you won't believe how wonderful their dispositions are!!  He is just 40 inches tall and is VERY gentle to be around and handle.  He has been ridden and handled by kids. (ridden lead line mostly)  He is as gentle as they come!  He is still a jack but he won't know unless you tell him!!  ;)  He's always been turned out with horses and is quite the clown!  He jumps up, grabs their halters and pulls them all over the pasture!  If you're looking for a gentle baby sitter, a nice sweet, pony (donkey) for your kids to ride around on or even just a unique pet, he will steal your heart!  He is easy to catch, lead, bathe (just bathed in the first 2 pics!) and handle.  You'll love this little guy!!  $350  SOLD!



Good looking 5 year old gelding.  He's been loping barrels, trotting the poles, has been roped off just a little bit in the pasture and has been ridden in town (helped the police, sirens and all, catch a loose pony at the pizza hut!), down the road and on trail rides!  He's gentle, easy to handle and ride.  About 14.3 hands tall and ready to go to work! 



The half brother to the two paint geldings pictured above.  Registered.  Unlike the others he has not been started yet!  He is a little younger and a little less experienced!  We will be starting him tomorrow though!  (Sept 17)  $550 WITH A FREE SADDLE
UPDATE!  He's riding around pretty good!  He's gentle and just needs miles and someone to show him the ropes!  Nice colt!


BIG nice sorrel gelding.  He has been ridden off and on in his 6 years.  But he has just recently had 2 weeks put on him.  He's huge, 15.3 and VERY stout.  He'd make an awesome head/heel horse.  If you're looking for something to use, something that is big and stout enough to hold their own, you won't be wasting your time by looking at him!  He's gentle, but not a beginner horse.  This doesn't mean he's a mean horse, just not a baby sitter!!  More pics to come soon!  $850


Reg'd paint mare.  Rides gentle...needs someone who knows a little about riding to take her on.  She's gentle but doesn't know a whole bunch!  She's a granddaughter of Indian's Image, a world famous paint racehorse.  She is TB on the topside and quarter and paint on the bottom.  She'd make a flashy barrel horse!  $750
Special of the week!  We had this horse sold on payments and due to unfortunate circumstances she is offered for sale again.  This time, we have less $$ in her so guess what!!  She's CHEAPER!
$600  SOLD!!


2 year old paint filly.  Has been saddled a few times, and ridden lightly.  We will start riding her tomorrow, Sept 18th.  She's gentle, FLASHY, and registered!!  Call or email for updates on how she's riding!  UPDATE:  She's riding good!  Stops, turns, backs and stands to be saddled and mounted.  She's going great!!
Her price is going to start going up, she's a super nice, smart filly.  NO BAD HABITS!  $800 SOLD!


Reg'd paint gelding.  He's one of the sweetest horses you'll ever meet.  He's gentle and he rides.  He has been trimmed WAY too short and is sore on his front feet.  I got him from a gentleman who is taking a hunting trip into the mountains next week and he had to trade him for something that would be able to handle the rocks.  His feet are just too sore now!  He has been ridden by kids. (I'm not calling him a kid horse!)  He will be fine as soon as his feet grow out a little bit, but I am selling him cheap for this reason!!   His reg'd name is Ritzy Cracker Jack. He is a 5 year old and is registered APHA.  Regular papers.  $450


2 years old...half brother to the horse listed above!!  Registered.  (Half brothers on sire's side)  He's just as gentle, easy to ride as his brother pictured above.  He's marked neat too...lots of homozygous spots!!  These will be big nice horses.  Horses you'll be proud to ride in parades, rodeos trail rides or just down the road.  Heck, you'd even be proud to have these guys standing in your pasture!!  $900 SOLD!


14.1 hand appaloosa gelding.  He came off of a boys ranch in Missouri and is gentle and the perfect size!!  He would work for a confident beginner!  SOLD!  Thanks again Edith!


VERY gentle pony mare.  6 years old.  Broke and sound.  SOLD! Thanks Edith!


9 year old palomino mare.  Kids crawl all over (and under) her.  She's VERY gentle, easy to catch, saddle, ride and handle.  Baby is 5 months old, already as big as her and will be DARK palomino!  The mare is only 13 hands tall!  Perfect size!!  850!  SOLD!


5 year old gray gelding.  He's broke and gentle.  He is for a confident intermediate and up!  This guy needs a job.  He's stout enough to go all day long on any kind of terrain.  He's smart and willing to learn.  He's the color everyone loves, that beautiful gray with the black mane and tail!
$850 SOLD! Congrats Sierra!  Thank you!



14 hand, 5 year old bay mare.  She's broke and VERY gentle.  She doesn't know a lot about reining, cutting or jumping, but she is gentle!  I rode her a couple miles down the road today and she did wonderful!  She would be great for a beginner with a little confidence.  Maybe a little cowboy (or cowgirl!) who is moving up from their last pony!  If anything, this girl is a little lazy!  The more I ride her, the better she is!!  BY THE WAY...  She's not too small for an adult!  She's a very stout mare!  $800  SOLD!
UPDATE:  my girlfriend rode this little mare up and down the slick hills (mountians) and she did awesome.  She never took a bad step.  She's gentle and sure footed.  Great horse for a beginner/intermediate and up!


Registered black and white paint mare.  She's 12 years old and about 14.2 hands tall.  She has been used as a broodmare and also for trail and pleasure riding.  She's gentle and easy to be around.  I know there's going to be a lot of people upset, but yes, she's already SOLD!  Thanks Edith!


BIG RED!  He's a good 16 hands tall, rides gentle.  He doesn't neck rein, but long reins very well.  He is easy to saddle, handle and ride.  He's a big stout horse.  If you're looking for something to use or just a big nice horse, look at him!  He's even got some chrome!!  $700 Sold!  Thanks again Josh!  Have fun on your hunting trip!


Cute and gentle little paint mare.  She's 8 years old, about 14 hands tall.  She rides in a bit or with a halter.  She has done trail rides and playdays.  Very cute and a hard to find size!
SOLD!  Thanks Edith!


Palomino filly.  She's only a coming 2 year old but she's the biggest pet you've ever seen!  She has been ridden around the pasture and into town by smaller kids.  Nothing botheres her and she just loves to be loved on.  She's just started but has a great foundation!  What a pretty girl!  $650


8 year old dun/buckskin pony gelding.  He's about 12.2 hands tall.  He's gentle and rides nice.  He turns and stops well.  He does not neck rein but has quite a bit of handle.  He's a great size and a beautiful color.  Easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle!  $600


Sorrel registered gelding. 12 years old.   He's about 14.1 hands tall, gentle and easy to ride, he's a little rusty on his reining, but nothing a little bit of riding won't fix.  He's easy to handle, but I think he rides better than he's letting on!! ;)  Just needs a little tuning!  Great size, stocky and well built.  SOLD!  Thanks Edith!
Cypress Master Pedigree


Bay overo paint mare.  14.2-14.3 hands tall.  Broke and gentle!  Neckreins, easy to catch, saddle, etc.  $1200  SOLD!


6 year old bay gelding.  Rides gentle and easy!  Has been ridden by beginners.  He's a little under weight, but just needs a little TLC!  Sweet boy, great family horse!  He's about 14.2 hands tall.  $750  SOLD!


This mare is broke to ride, about 14.3 hands tall, gentle and can spin a hole in the ground.  9 years old.  She has Doc O'Lena and Two Eyed Jack ON her papers.  She is a cow bred mare!  She's been a broodmare for the past several years.  She is bred to a palomino stallion named Dreamliner Nick.  Pedigree below. You decide! I will have her name and pedigree up soon!
Hanks Kitty Kat pedigree


This mare is awesome.  She's beautiful, broke and gentle.  She's got an awesome pedigree too.  She has Joak on her papers.  She's cow and running bred.  Joak is a son of Joe Reed 2 who is a foundation horse that produced not only AAA running horses, but awesome cow horses too!  I will have her name and pedigree on here soon!


Red dun overo gelding.  He's 12 years old, about 14.3-15 hands.  He's broke, neck reins, rides gentle and is easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle.  Beautiful color and he is registered!  $1200 SOLD!


Foundation bred palomino mare.  She's broke and rides gentle, could use some tuning up!   13 years old.   Her registered name is Bubas Taffy Three.  She is a grand-daughter of Driftwood Ike and has Driftwood on her papers.  Also Hancock bred.  $700 CLICK HERE TO SEE HER PEDIGREE  SOLD!


Black/white paint mare.  She's broke, rides gentle and is easy to handle and be around.  She's about 14.2 and stocky made.  She's pretty and is only $550!!  Since I have so many, I have 2 specials this week!!  SOLD!


Big gentle gray gelding.  He is a paint, but his gray is so light it's hard to see!  He's about 14.3-15 hands tall but is easy for anybody to ride.  He does neck rein and is easy to get a long with.  $900  SOLD!


This registered gray quarter horse mare is a 2 year old.  She is about 14.2. She's been started and only has a few rides.  More pics later...sorry no good ones! $650
*I sold this filly to a nice guy in Texas and he just decided to trade her back to me for a big gelding I had.  She is offered for sale again.  He has put lots of hours on her in the last month. (and lots of weight!) She's had about 30 rides, neck reins and rides slow and gentle. 
Sold her for 650 last time, she's 650 now with 30 more rides!!!


Caught me on the phone in this picture!  He's gentle and man does he ride!  He is 3 years old, 15 hands and you should see the legs on this guy.  He has got so much bone on him!  He's going to be a BIG guy!  Although he's just 3, he's worked for a living!  This horse came from a guy who had been using him on cattle every day.  He's been workin' hard and been underfed!  But the riding sure shows!  You can tell by looking at this horse how big he will be.  He neck reins very well, stops, backs, side passes, stands, etc.  He's more broke than a lot of the older horses we get, and gentle too!!  If you're looking for something to use or just something that is REALLY broke you might want to take a look at him!  He really is exceptional.  DON'T MISS OUT ON HIM BECAUSE OF HIS AGE!  HE'S BROKE!!  $1200


Bay ranch gelding.  He's broke, has been used and is ready to go to work for you or to be a pet and a pleasure horse.  He's a big stout guy with a kind attitude and he is BROKE!  $850


Buckskin paint gelding.  He's only 2 years old!  Look how gentle this guy is!  He's such a sweet heart, a big pet.  He rides gentle and is ready to go in any direction! Easy to saddle, stands tied, clips, etc.   $1000  SOLD!


7 year old molly mule.  I just got her from someone who has had her for 2 years and she's just been a back yard pet and a yard ornament!  Before they bought her she had been hunted on and had been used to drive.  We don't have a wagon so we haven't driven her, but we have ridden her.  She rides gentle and doesn't buck but could use a little tuning up on her reining!  Nice big mule, 14.2 hands tall.  Easy to catch if you leave the halter on you can walk right up to her.  $450  SOLD!


4 year old gray mare and 4 month old buckskin paint colt.  The mare has been ridden when she was two but is selling as NOT broke.  I don't have time to ride her and would rather sell her cheap, just how she is without taking the time to mess with her!  She is only $375!  The colt is $300 or they are $550 as a pair!  Everyone asks, there is nothing wrong with these horses, they were taken in on trade and I don't have much in them!  Don't need 'em!  Hey, I'll take more if ya wanna give it! :)  SOLD!


Project horses!  The two lighter horses are about 4-5 years old.  The darker one is a coming 2 year old.  I got these three horses in on trade and they're going to the sale MONDAY if they're not already sold.  The guy said the two older horses were broke when he got them a year ago, but has not ridden them.  They are being sold as is for 300 each or 800 for all of them.  There is nothing wrong with these horses.  They were just a trade in we don't need!  HURRY! 


Sierra Night Star  Nice registered black mare.  She's broke, has been used in the feed lot for 5 months.  She is about 15 hands tall, built like a tank and looks like she can sure move!  Click on her name to see her bloodlines.  If you're looking for a barrel prospect or just a good looking black mare to ride or breed, you should come see her! $900  SOLD!


Palomino mare.  She came with the sorrel mare listed below.  She rides very nice, will walk very slowly or will trot or lope around the pasture.   She neck reins very well and has a good stop on her.  She is VERY broke.  This mare is beautiful but could use just a little weight.  We have wormed her and she's ready to go!  Very sweet girl, easy to catch, saddle and ride.  She's about 15 years old and has been with the sorrel mare listed below for her whole life.  I will sell them separate, but would make a deal on the pair!  Great beginner horse.  $650    SOLD!


6 year old bay roan gelding.  He came from an older gentleman who had been riding him.  He was selling out of his horses and spoke highly of this guy!  He's very gentle, rides easy, neck reins, etc.  He is easy to catch, saddle, stands tied and everything.  He rides nice but has a little pep in his step!  For you guys and girls that like a horse that has a little umph in its step but isn't out of control, look at this guy.  He doesn't rear, buck or jump.  Just has a fast walk and a prancy trot.  Would be an excellent parade horse!!  800  SOLD!


15.1 hands tall, big, stout sorrel gelding.  He's broke, neck reins and is easy to handle both in the saddle and on the ground.  He's a big good looking horse.  He's 8 years old and ready to do whatever you want him to do!  He needs a job!   Nothing wrong with him, its just that he's not a pet, he doesn't love hugs like most of my horses do.  (not snorty or mean, just not affectionate.)  A lot of my customers want to be able to hug and love all over one.  He'd rather just get the job done and go back to the pasture to eat!  $700  SOLD!


This beautiful guy is 6 years old.  He was broke as a 2 and 3 year old but has only been ridden off and on for the past few years.  He needs a confident rider to remind him who's boss.  He's not mean, no buck, kick or bite at all.  He just thinks sometimes that maybe if he wants to turn a certain way that his idea is just as good as yours.  Just some miles on this guy and a few little reminders and he'll be good as gold.  Perfect project horse!  $600  SOLD!


Big, stout palomino mare.  She's smooth mouth, about 17 years old.  BROKE to death and sound.  Easy for everybody to ride and a beautiful color!  $850 Weekly Special 800


Sorrel overo mare.  She's huge!  She's 4 years old and about 16 hands tall and VERY stocky!  She's broke and rides gentle.  Needs someone to take her and give her a job!  Easy to handle and be around. She rides easy and has no idea how big she is.  The little horses usually boss her around!   Beautiful color!!  $800  SOLD!


Big nice 6 year old buckskin mare.  She's broke, gentle and is easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle!  She is easy to catch too!  She neck reins, has been on trail rides, used on cattle, and has been taken around the barrels and poles a time or two.  She's about 15 hands and about as fat as she can get!  She's an easy keeper, good minded and gentle.  $1100


This mare was roped off of for several years on high school rodeos.  She has been hauled lots of miles.  She hasn't been used much in the last few years for roping, but has just been enjoying the pasture, with her cremello colt and giving riding lessons to the kids.  She rides bareback with a halter and leadrope or saddle her up and take her wherever you want.  She will go where ever you point her.  I have ridden her up and down creeks, steep hills and she'll even jump over logs.  She NEVER hesitates and is always willing to go.  She is starting to get lighter as she gets her winter hair, but will be dark palomino in the spring.  These pics were taken right after she was pulled out of the pasture, no cleaning up or anything.  Awesome broke mare.  She is the real deal.  She has won many saddles, belt buckles, jackets, etc.  Want something to learn on?  They say she's AUTOMATIC!  Also she came from a guy about 3 miles down the road from me.  She IS NOT a trader horse or a horse that has been through lots of owners.  She was reg'd.  Blondy's Dude and Poco Bueno but she did not come with papers.  Sound and ready to go to work!  $1750  SOLD!


3 year old paint filly.  This girl is so gentle and loves to be loved. I just started riding her today (Oct 10).  She rides very gentle.  As you can see, I have already ridden her around the yard!  She tries and wants to please.   She's healthy and ready to find a new family to take care of and love her!  $500  SOLD!


12 year old sorrel gelding.  He was a trade in.  I don't know a lot about him, but he is not a beginner horse.  We rode him for 2 minutes. Athletic, good looking, that is all I know!  I've got 450 in him on trade...interested?  He'll be here for a couple days...!  I try to just sell FAMILY horses.  Hasn't been ridden in a couple years and needs some tuning up.  Would be a great ranch horse!  15 hands.


This is another great horse to learn on.  He's very broke, gentle and easy to handle.  He doesn't care if you ride him sideways, backwards or bareback.  He doesn't care if you ride on his neck!  He's laid back and calm.  Neck reins very well, stops, backs, etc.  He is a great guy and has been ridden thousands of miles in his days!  See those big saddle marks on his sides!?  He's about 15ish too.  Great beginner horse.  He'd work for beginners who want to do more than just a walk, but don't wanna do it very fast!!  $700  SOLD!


6 year old red dun overo gelding.  He's very pretty, bald face, one blue eye.  He's about 14.2 hands tall, rides gentle and direct reins.  He is a big lazy pet.   $700  SOLD!


17 year old red roan paint gelding.  This guy has been a roping horse his whole life.  He is a finished head/heal horse.  He's retired from roping and ready to retire with someone.  He prefers a slower pace life, just walk/trot.  He's got a big knee and isn't sound enough to rope anymore.  He is fine to ride around the yard, down the trail or road.  He's very gentle, neck reins very well, loves to be loved on and wants to be someone's big pet!  I got him in on a trade and I've got 450 in him.  He is available for that price!  SOLD!


5 year old paint mare.  She's a beautiful mare, put together nicely and has a great personality to go with it!  She was ridden all summer by a couple of kids.  She was ridden in parades, trail rides, etc.  She's about 14.2 hands tall, 2 bright blue eyes and great conformation.  She was only sold because the kids weren't taking care of their responsibility.  They were supposed to be taking care of her, when they quit their grandpa said she had to go!  Gentle mare, broke enough for a confident beginner or an intermediate and up!  Everybody will enjoy her!  $800  SOLD!


Black mare, 3 years old, about 14.2 hands.  She's gentle, just been a back yard pet for the last year!  She's easy to catch and handle.  Saddles easily and is not spooky or jumpy.  We have ridden her a few times but she hadn't been ridden before that in the last year.  No buck, but only green broke!  She needs someone to finish her!  She's only   $450!  SOLD!


Red dun gelding.  He's a big nice 6 year old gelding.  He's 16 hands, gentle and athletic.  He'll lope circles, stop, back, etc.  He neck reins, is easy to saddle, catch, stands tied and picks up all 4 feet.  Great barrel prospect.  He has been started on barrels and poles.  Been on trail rides and ridden down the road.  $950  SOLD!


Draft horse cross gelding.  He came from the Amish people and has had a job his whole life.  For those of you who don't know much about Amish, they use their horses everyday for work and pleasure.  They don't have cars, so these horses are their transportation and their work horses.  He has plowed fields, pulled buggies, wagons and also been ridden.  He has absolutely seen it all.  Nothing scares or surprises him.  Crawl under him, behind him or over him, he doesn't care!  Most of you know I don't sell "kid" horses, but this guy is as beginner as it gets.  He walks very slow, stops easy and doesn't move unless he is asked.  He would be perfect for someone who wants to learn or build confidence.  He is smooth-mouth, about 15-17 years old.  But he doesn't have any problem getting around and is in good health!  He's a great guy looking for someone to ride (or drive) him and love him.  Great beginner horse.  Great insurance. 
$750  SOLD!


Ran out of space on my camera and only got 1 picture of this girl!  She's the one that came with the palomino.   She's about 14.3 hands tall, gentle.  Easy to catch, saddle and ride. Both girls are very sweet good natured horses.  She neck reins and also has a good stop and handle.  She will walk, trot or lope down the road with no problems.  She has just a little more 'pep' in her step than the palomino mare. She just walks a little faster.  She could use a little weight too.  Just a little TLC!  Good beginner horse.
UPDATE!  We just got papers on this mare!   She is a granddaughter of MR SAN PEPPY!  Her reg'd name is Watta Miss Flit.  Click on her name for her pedigree. She's 19.  $550  SOLD!


Black gelding.  He's as broke and gentle as you can find.  He is broke right, he'll spin on his hind end and slide to a stop.  Just walk around like a gentleman or lope little circles.  He's a little short on his front foot but would make a wonderful pleasure horse for a beginner or novice rider! $800  SOLD!


Appaloosa mare.  Gentle for everybody to ride, neck reins, stops, turns and backs with ease.  You don't have to catch her, she'll catch you!  Loves to be pet and loved on.    She's about 14 hands tall, stocky and cute!  Family friendly!  $650  SOLD!


12 year old bay gelding.  He is a blast to ride!  He'll ride bareback with a halter and leadrope or with a saddle and bridle.  He is fine with traffic, other horses and walmart bags blowing across the road. (we all know those sacks are the biggest horse eaters ever! hehe!)  He neck reins, is easy to catch and handle.  He's about 14.3 hands tall.  He just came back from 2 weeks of hunting in the Colorado Mountains! He'll do it all!  $800  SOLD!


1997 registered paint mare.  Boones Dancin Jewel She's broke, gentle and ready to go!  A friend of mine owned her about a year ago, got a divorce so she sold her.  The people who bought her never rode her.  They needed money, so here she is!  The friend of mine does mounted shooting.  Her, her husband and her kids rode her.  She's gentle, could use a little tuning on her neck reining, but she rides gentle and easy! $700  SOLD!


Missouri Fox Trotter gelding.  He's smooth-mouth.  About 16 years old.  He's very gentle, easy to ride and very easy to get along with.  He's laid back and is only as fast as you want him to be!  He's kind natured and patient with beginners.  If you look close at these pictures, he is doing his 'fox trot' in these pictures.  (notice how his legs are moving.  Both the left go forward at the same time while the right are also in sync.)  Smooth, easy riding boy!   $600  SOLD!


Red roan 3 year old gelding.   He's gentle and rides nice.  He's got ranch brands on his hip, shoulder and the back of his left hip!  He's a great guy.  Just rides easy!  $750 SPECIAL $550  SOLD!


6 year old paint mare.  She's about 14.2 hands tall, gentle and fun to ride.  She neck reins, picks up her feet and is easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle.  Flashy girl! $700  SOLD!


13 year old appaloosa gelding.  Broke and rides very slow and gentle.  He's about 15 hands tall, huge bone and a great disposition to go along with this big boy.  He neck reins, picks up all of his feet and is easy to catch and handle!  $750  SOLD!


4 year old palomino paint gelding with one blue eye.  He is 14.2 hands tall.  He's beautiful!  He's gentle and loves to be loved on.  The guy I bought him from  said he was broke, but I'm just going to sell him as is.  He's going to be cheap, but first here is his catch...he will pull back when you tie him up.  He doesn't pull back the whole time he's tied up, just when he feels the pressure.  He will also pull back sometimes when you try to lead him.  Then after a minute he leads fine.  This is a habit that he needs help with, but other than that he is a great guy and a sweet gentleman!  I just want to be up front about him.  That said, I only want $300 for him! He was a trade in so he's cheap!  SOLD!


Appaloosa gelding.  7 years old, broke and very gentle.  He's neck reins very well and is fun to ride.  He's done playdays, grand entries, parades, and has even been bird hunting!  He's had riders of all ages and is a great little mare.  Want a gentle horse that is easy to ride?  Why not have one with a little color!! $800  SOLD!


This little guy hasn't been very well fed lately!  To the left is a picture of his sire.  He'll look just like him with a little feed and TLC!  He's had 30 days riding and is ready to go!  He's very smart, willing to please and has lots of action.  FUN to ride!  He is 2 years old, about 14.3 and has a lot of leg.  He'll be tall!  Click on the thumbnails below to see more about his sire! You'll be impressed.  Just picture this awkward little guy a year from now, or even this coming spring!  I don't know anybody that would be embarrassed to be seen with a horse as beautiful as his daddy!  He'll be almost identical to him! $650  SPECIAL 550!  He is a gelding and he is already registered!


Missy Royal  Reg'd buckskin paint mare.  She's out of a grand-daughter of CHUBBY!  Nice bred mare.  She has been vet checked in foal and also broke to ride!  She'll ride in a halter and lead rope, bareback.  She neck reins and is super gentle.  $1200  SOLD!


Brown/black ranch gelding.  12 years old gentle and rides very nice.  He neck reins, is traffic safe, will do it all!  Very slow and easy to ride, but will pick up the pace if you want him to!  See more pictures of him on my HORSIN AROUND page!  $1000  SOLD!


Gentle broke gelding.  Has been used in a feedlot.  14.2 hands tall, gentle and a great calf horse prospect.  Ready to go to work!  $850  SOLD!


14 year old sorrel mare.  She is a reg'd quarter horse.  She's Leo bred...I'll try to have her pedigree up as soon as possible!  She is a sweet heart!  She's easy to catch, saddle, handle in the saddle and on the ground.  She neck reins, rides gentle and only goes as fast as you want her to go.  She's a great girl and would be a great beginner horse! See more pics of her on my HORSIN AROUND page! $850  SOLD!!


This mare is 14 years old.  She's been turned out in the pasture having babies for the last 5 years!  She's a little rusty on her reining, but she didn't forget how to be gentle!!  You can crawl all over her and it doesn't bother her a bit!  She loves attention and is easy to catch, saddle and ride.  She just needs a little bit of tuning up on her reining!  She turns, stops and backs, but does not neck rein!  She's a beautiful girl.  She stands 14.3-15 hands tall.  CLICK HERE to see more pictures of her!  I have a NEW page called "Horsin' Around".  It just has more pictures of me having too much fun on these horses.  I'll try to keep it updated for fun!! :)  This mare is $750  SOLD!


Sorrel mare, 4 years old and about 14.3-15 hands tall.  Very gentle, easy going and fun to ride.  She's a sweet horse, with a lot of potential!  She has done trail rides and is just a gentle riding horse!  $700  SOLD!


Genuine Poco Dot .  She's bred awesome!  Click on her name to see how well bred she is!  She's 10 years old, broke and very gentle.  She does not neck rein but rides very gentle and easy.  She's very well built and has the personality to go with it!  850  SOLD!!


This guy is beautiful!  He is a registered appaloosa, 6 years old, but he's solid sorrel with roan hairs and just a few tiny white spots.  He is VERY well put together.  Nice looking athletic horse. He rides quiet and nice, keeps his head down where it should be.  He doesn't neck rein yet, but is started right and is ready to go in any direction!  $800 SOLD!


4 year old paint gelding.   He's broke, rides easy and is learning to neck rein!  He has been used to check wheat pasture cattle, check fences and just to trail ride through the pasture and down the road.  Easy to catch and handle. Beautiful, sweet guy!   $850  SOLD!


14 year old bay mare.  She's about 14.3-15 hands tall.  Broke and gentle.  She's been ridden in the mountains, hunted off of and also done playdays, trail rides, parades and rodeos.  She's a very sweet horse.  She neck reins, stops, backs and turns with ease.  Picks up all feet and is easy to catch and handle.  I got her cheap so she's going to be cheap this week!  $600 SOLD!


11 year old blue roan mare.  She's been broke and very gentle.  She has been used as a broodmare and is a wonderful mommy!  She's about 14.2 hands tall, stocky and she's best color in the world!  She neck reins and rides very gentle and easy.  She's a big pet! She'd be a great beginner/family horse.   You'll like her! $1200  SOLD!


Ranch gelding, 12 years old.  BROKE.  A young girl has been riding him, got him a little barn sour so he could use a little tuning up.  I got him back in on trade and before he left he was an awesome using horse!  Just needs someone to put him back into his place and remind him its not all about running. Broke to death, just a little spoiled. $600 SOLD!


Appaloosa gelding.  He's a sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail and a pretty blanket!  He's about 14.2 hands tall, gentle and rides very nice!  Someone has abused him and he's a little untrusting, but once you get your hands on him he enjoys the love.  He wants a home where he can learn to trust again.  Great ride!  $750  Thanksgiving Special take $200 off!


4 year old appaloosa gelding.  Had some cutting training, but was sold due to divorce.  He's about 14.1 hands tall, tons of muscle and loads of personality!  Very gentle and easy to handle.  $700  SOLD!


Gentle ranch gelding.  He's broke, easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle.  He's 12 years old, about 15 hands tall and ready to go to work or to show off in parades, trail rides or playdays.  He's a great all around easy going horse. See more of him on my HORSIN AROUND page! $800 SOLD!


Ain't he COOL!?!?  He's another retired Amish horse.  He has worked all day, every day of his life.  He plows, drives and rides!  He's  17.3 hands tall!  Gentle giant!!  Its hard to tell, but he has for white stocking legs and a big blaze.  Marked just like the Budweiser horses!!  He's big, he's beautiful, he's gentle and he's only $700  SOLD!


Sorrel gelding, 15 years old.  His name is Ed!  He's absolutely gentle in every way.  As broke as they come and smart enough to know when a kid is riding him!  He'd be wonderful for playdays, trail rides, 'round the house fun and good ole babysitting!  $900  SOLD!
Pictured is the lucky little lady who now owns this special guy!


Here is another gaited one!  She is about 15 years old.  She's very broke, very gentle and very gaited.  She is a Missouri fox trotter!  She naturally goes into her gait and will go at it all day!  She neck reins very well, is easy to catch and handle.  Looking for something to trail ride or just enjoy?  She's a great horse!  $650  SOLD!


12 year old palomino gelding.  This guy is broke!  He is easy to catch and handle.  He neck reins well, rides slow and easy but will pick up the pace when asked.  This guy is a family horse that I'm proud to show off.  Very sweet, great guy.  $750


11 year old dark sorrel gelding.  This guy is a little younger, but he's just the same as the horse pictured above!!  He's also gentle and very easy to handle.  I didn't get to ride him very long (my hands were numb!) but he rode quite, nice and slow.  He's very easy to handle in the saddle and on the ground.  I would call him beginner horse.  He's good looking and is about 15 hands tall!  Pictures taken in 16 degrees in the snow!  Now, that's gentle!!  See  more on my Horsin' Around page!   $1200


VERY broke gray/white gelding.  He's about 16 years old, 15 hands tall and as broke as they come.  Here is his story:  Well, its Tuesday and FREEZING!  We just picked him up, hauled him 2 hours.  Jumped him out of the trailer and saddled him up to ride.  I rode him around the barn for a minute, then took the bridle out of his mouth, put the reins around his neck (like a necklace) and loped him up the driveway to the road and back.  I asked him to stop, so he slid to a stop with nothing on him but a rein around his neck!  He'll spin both ways and back as far as you ask.  He'll sidepass to open gates and stand still for you to mount.  He is not a fast horse but he can go if you ask him to.  He'll walk all day long, slow and easy or he'll lope right off and spin a hole in the ground.  For you people looking for a horse that is dead broke and very gentle for your mom's mom, your sister's neighbor kids or your family monkey... this horse is sure worth your time to look at!  Pictures taken in 16 degrees in the snow!  Now, that's gentle!! See more on my 'Horsin' around' page$1100
SOLD!  Thank you to the Sparks!


Looking for a playday/horse?  This guy is awesome!  He is so broke, handles like a dream and is super athletic on top of it all!  He's not a crazy playday horse by far, but he's loads of fun to ride in playdays or even trail rides!  He will climb anything, nothing bothers him.  He might be too broke for a beginner, but a confident intermediate rider would LOVE him!!   He's a great guy, had him turned out so just grabbed him up for a couple of quick pictures.  He's about 16 years old and ready to go.  He's in very good shape, good luck getting him tired! :)  $750  SOLD!


14.2 hand appaloosa mare.  She's gentle, very cute and is broke!! :)  She rides quiet and gentle.  She does neck rein a little bit but direct reins great!  Easy to handle.  Cute horse, confident beginner and up!  $650  SOLD!


This gelding is registered and is 16 years old.  He's broke and gentle.  He's been a family horse his whole life.  He's been ridden by everybody in the pastures, through the creeks and down the road.  He's been turned out for the last couple of years but is ready to go back to work!! :)  He's about 15 hands tall, fat and pretty!  Not for the littlest of kids but a confident beginner wouldn't have any problems with him!!  $800  SOLD!


6 year old paint mare.  Very good looking, broke and rides good and gentle!  15 hands.  $850  SOLD!


Buckskin gelding. Retired cutting horse.  VERY broke and a lot of fun to ride.  16 years old.  15 hands.  $850  SOLD!


This is Buster.  He came from a very good friend of mine.  She bought him from me 3 years ago.  He wouldn't be for sale except she had a family emergency and needed $800.  He is a big pet and loves to be loved on!  When he sees you coming he will meet you at the gate!  He is broke, rides gentle and he does neck rein very well.  He's about 14.3 hands tall, and as wide as he is fat.  Very nice, stocky and gentle horse.  I'm bought him to help her out and will sell him for $800.  SOLD!


Buckskin/dun gelding.  Rides gentle and easy.  Kids have ridden miles and miles.  10 years old.  15 hands.  $850  SOLD!  Thanks again Brian!! :)


This sorrel mare 14.2 hands tall and 7 years old.  Stocky, short and gentle.  She's very easy to handle, neck reins very well.  She's very responsive and is lots of fun to ride.  She'll turn on a dime, slide to a stop and back as far as you ask even with just a halter and lead rope!  You'll love this mare!  $900  SOLD!  Thanks David and Tammy Perkins!


Brown gelding.  Rides nice and gentle.  Long stride fun to ride. 16 hands.  $600   SOLD!


Thoroughbred gelding.  He's 2 years old (he'll be 3 in the spring).  He is a registered horse, but its up to the buyer to get the papers from his previous owner.  His registered name is Evening Flight and I assume he's tattooed too.  He's gorgeous, about 15.2-15.3 in great shape and a powerhouse!  He has been on the track and is 100% sound.  He's super gentle and loves to be brushed and hugged.  If you're looking for a barrel prospect, he's well broke (no neck rein) has a good stop, knows how to just walk and is easy to direct rein.  I got on him today (in 25 degrees) and its the first time he'd been ridden in 6 weeks.  No running him first or working him in the round pen.  Just climbed on and rode him off.  He rode off like an old broke horse, he's a very good minded colt!  Check him out!  $850 All Breed Pedigree "Evening Flight"    SOLD!


Already lots of questions on this guy!  Ok here goes...!  He's a 3 year old. He is a registered paint gelding.  He is gentle and absolutely 100% sound in every way.  He is quiet and very good minded.  He is athletic and smart...willing to please.  He's very flashy (my pictures suck, but the wind was terrible!) and very well put together.  He's about 14.2-14.3 right now.  Here is what he's done...  He's started tracking steers, has been roped off of in the arena and has been started lightly and slowly in the box.  He has been started heading and heeling.  He is a 3 year old.  He is by no means a finished horse.  BUT he is started VERY well and has a great, solid foundation.  He is not spoiled or crazy in any way.  He has drug logs and will pull from the horn.  He does neck rein and responds to leg aids.  He is easy to catch and handle both on the ground or in the saddle.  Stands tied, bathes, trailers, etc.  He's a great all around horse and can go in more ways than just roping!  He'll do anything you want him to do.  His registered name is  Real Tuff Hank  Click on his name to see his pedigree.  $2000  more pics soon I promise!    SOLD!


Sorrel yearling colt.  Halter broke and gentle.  2 hind stockings to the knees, one front sock and a blaze!  $275  SOLD!


BIG sorrel ranch gelding!  He's a good 16 hands tall.  Gentle and easy to ride and handle.  He neck reins very well, just like a good ranch horse should!  He's a good looking guy.  Beginner riders can ride him!  $650  SOLD!


Dark sorrel gelding.  He's 11 years old and super broke and gentle.  Has been roped off of some in the pasture.  He's broke, but is too broke for a beginner or timid rider.  He's very athletic and can be quick.  Good looking, stout horse.  Someone would be proud to have him as a using horse! $850  Sale fell through...Bad check! GRRR!   AVAILABLE AGAIN!


10 year old bay paint gelding.  Big , stout and good lookin'!  He's about 15-15.1 hands tall.  He came off of a ranch and has been used for everything.  He handles very well.  Neck reins in a halter and lead rope or you can ride him with a bit.  Very easy going.  Any confident beginner could ride this horse!  $950  SOLD!


Big bay gelding.  He's also a ranch horse.  He's about 15 years old.  15.1 hands tall and VERY broke and gentle.  He's slow and easy but can pick up the pace if asked.  He'd be great for a beginner or experienced rider.  Slow and easy enough for the new guys and athletic and broke enough for an advanced rider to enjoy or use!  I know the last picture looks weird, but he's actually spinning in circles!  This is the push button horse you've been looking for!  $850  SOLD!


BROKE cowboy horse!  This horse is TOO broke for an inexperienced rider.  He will spin, slide and work.  He has been used on cattle, was used in the feedlot for 6 months.  Has been trail ridden daily for the last 60 days.  Has also been used to gather and sort cattle.  He's been roped off of in the pasture.  This horse is too quick and broke for an inexperienced rider.  Anybody who wants a using horse would absolutely love this guy! 3 years old and about 15 hands tall. $850  SOLD!


Gray mare.  She came off of a girl scout camp.  She's very gentle, well broke and would work for anybody!  Beginners look here! You'll like her.  She's the perfect for a family horse or a first horse.  She neck reins well, is easy to catch and saddle.  Very easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle.  She's been around the world and has experience in just about everything!  Especially babysitting!!  $700  AFTER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!  One week only...$550  SOLD!


Show prospect bay quarter horse gelding.  His reg'd name is Love My Good Zipper.  He'll be 2 in April and has already been lightly started under saddle.  He's gentle and willing to please.  His pedigree speaks for itself! Take the time to check it out!  All Breed Pedigree "Love My Good Zipper"   $1500  SOLD!
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5 year old gelding.  This guy does not neck rein but he direct reins very well.  He's a very quiet, gentle natured horse.  He's kind and willing to please.  He rides very slow and easy.  Any beginner would really enjoy him!  $750  AFTER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.  One week: $550  SOLD!


I don't know how I only got one picture of this horse.  Its terrible too! :(  Sorry!  Anyway, she's a 13 year old.  14.2-14.3 hands tall.  She neck reins, but is a little rusty on her neck reining!  She will direct rein with ease.  Just needs a few miles and she'll be right back on track!  She is very gentle and easy to handle.  Its just that she's been turned out for 3 years having babies!  She is bred right now!  Nice gentle mare.  An intermediate rider would really enjoy her!  No buck or anything, just needs about a week tuning up and she'd probably be a beginner horse!  $650



17 year old registered quarter horse gelding.  He is very broke and gentle.  He handles very well and would get along with any rider.  Quiet and fun to ride.  He has been used on a ranch and knows all about working cattle.  He'd make a wonderful trail horse, working horse or family horse!  Great all around horse!  $900  SOLD!


Registered yearling paint colt.  VERY gentle. I'm not selling him as broke,
he's just gentle enough I crawled on him for a picture! He would probably be lots of fun for the kids to lead each other around on!  Great 4H project!  :) 
$350  SOLD!





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