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Legends of Lindsey's Aussies


Toys are 10-14 inches tall



New pics of Kayla.  Crazy, these were taken just a couple of months after the last ones in the collage.  They change so quickly!


toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, blue merle aussie
This is Request.  I'm so proud of this little girl.  She's still young and is maturing nicely.  She's a daughter of CH. Billie ( aka Mama) x CH. Hotshot.  She earned best in show at only 12 weeks old against all other breeds up to 18 months old!  You wouldn't believe all of the medals and ribbons her and her sister brought home!  Her littermate sister, Rebel, earned best in show in a different show.  These are some quality girls!  Request is just under 12 inches tall.



toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, blue merle aussie
Chic is such a beautiful girl!  She is 12 inches tall and weighs in at about 18 lbs.  She's such a beautiful girl.  She's got it all.  Conformation, personality, size, color and presence.  If you are surrounded by dogs, you'll know she's there.  She's beautiful and she knows it.  She's got a way of making herself known.  Her littermate sisters are Lookin and Request.  She's a daughter of Champion Porter's Billie Holiday and Champion Porter's Hotshot.  This girl has done well in the show ring as well.  She got best in show at an IABCA show in Tulsa, OK as a 12 wk old puppy.  Beating all other dogs (all breeds) entered in the entire show under 18 months old.  I was very proud of her! Her sister, Request got best in show as well.  I was so honored to had even made it that far.  These 3 girls are 3rd generation my breeding. 

updated pic taken 2015


toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, blue merle aussie
Meet Lookin!  This is one of the wildest little dogs I have.  She's 11 inches tall, yes really.  She's only about 13lbs and looks like an aussie ought to!  She was a wild little puppy, always had something in her mouth and would never slow down.  I had to be careful if she was on the porch when I called her, because even at 6 wks old and less than 2lbs, she was untouchable. (or so she thought) If the shortest route was off the side of the porch she was gonna jump!  Maybe I should've named her something to do with how brave she is...  I'm sure you're wondering about her eye (how my facebook fans came up with her name).  As rowdy as she was as a puppy something was bound to happen.  She was in the creek covered in mud every day playing with her sisters.  One day she came back up and had injured her eye while she was playing.  After weeks of doctoring it and more than a couple trips to the vet we decided that removing the injured eye would be healthier for her.  The damage had caused her to loose most of the sight in that eye and it was prone to infection.  Especially since this girl can't keep her face out of the dirt!  Loosing the eye never slowed her down.  She still plays just as rough and dirty as she always has.  Dunking her head to the bottom of the creek trying to catch fish or bobbing for toys in the water is still a must every day that the water isn't frozen solid. 



toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, blue merle aussie

CH. Lindsey's Optical Illusion is 13 1/2 inches tall and is one of my very favorite dogs of all time.  She's very correct, square and the perfect size.  On top of ALL of that, she's flashy!  We call her Maybelline around the house.  She's very sweet, always right on my heels and has turned out to be a wonderful mother as well.


Britches is a fun one to have around.  She's always entertaining, a social butterfly.  She is a daughter of CH. Optical Illusion (Maybelline).  Can you see it in her face?  I look at her and I see Maybelline all over her.  And not just in looks.  They are so much alike in personality that it's unreal.  She's 12 inches tall.

Britches has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!


Puzzle is a daughter of Maybelline and Tyler.  She's 14 inches tall.

Puzzle has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!


Lilly is a daughter of CH. Supernatural Request.  This beautiful girl has produced some tiny (less than 10 inches mature) and outstanding toy Aussies.  To me, she is almost a mirror image of her grandsire CH. Bada Bing.  Lilly is 12 inches tall.



Kendra has matured at 13 inches and is a beautiful girl.  She's got a little more filling out to do and I'm looking forward to seeing her with her full winter coat.  It was such a hot summer all of my dogs had almost no hair! 
Kendra has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!





Brendy is a daughter of Bella as well.  She's just under 13 inches tall.  Right now she's a little heavier than her sister, but you never know how they'll compare in a year.  Really?  Under a foot tall?  Want a picture of her with a ruler? Just ask! :)



Laura was raised here.  She is a very sweet girl, always happy and begging for kisses!  Laura is barely 12 3/4 inches tall and weighs about 18lbs. 


toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, blue merle aussie
Furby is one of the most fun active little flying aussies around here.  She's just under 11 inches tall.  She is a daughter of CH.  Leah and  Fuzzy.

Furby has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!
Furby is officially retired.


Nakita is 11 inches tall.  She's a daughter of Breanna and Agent (Lindsey's 10 Inch High Private Eye).  This young girl loves attention.  In fact, she demands it.  She is high drive just like her dad.  Always carrying around something fun.  A ball, a toy, a leash...something.  She's so sweet, she always shares.  If someone else wants her 'fun' she gives it up and will sit back and watch for a minute before she is off on a mission to find another 'fun' of her own.  She's so fun to watch.  Gotta love an Aussie personality. 




CH. Lindsey's Puttin' It Out There aka Twitter
A daughter of CH. Amy by CH. Maybelline x CH. Tyler
11 inches tall


CH. Lindsey's Rum Chata "Chata"
A daughter of CH. Amy by CH. Maybelline x CH. Tyler
11 inches tall
Chata is Retired!



Color is a daughter of CH. Angel and CH. Munchkin
She's 10 inches tall.


Rewind is 11 inches tall. 
She's by CH. Rebel Chic and CH. Rock


Sky is 13 inches tall, nice full collar and pretty copper.  She has nice conformation, bone and I love her ear set.  She has produced some wonderful puppies and is a great mother. 
Sky is  the mother of Kendra, Rambler and Moon!

Lindsey's Braylin "Braylin"

Sire: Boot Tops LCR Cactus Ruger

Dam: Guilliens Belle of Twilight at Grandview

DOB 6-9-13

13 inches

Lindsey's Blurred Lines "Smudge"

Sire: CH. Lindsey's Riddle of Colors

Dam: CH. Porter's Amy

10 inches

DOB 03-27-14

Lindsey's Kodak Moment "Kodak"

Sire: CH. Lindsey's Bada Bing of Sundance "Bing"

Dam: Lindsey's Girl in a Country Song "Tae"

DOB 11-17-16

10 inches

Lindsey's Wildflower "Lilly"

Sire: CH. Pockets Hotshot

Dam: CH. Lindsey's Supernatural Request

DOB 2-14-13

12 inches


toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, red  merle aussie

Red Cowgirl, mother of Mandi.Red Cowgirls sister...Mandi's aunt

Mandi is a toy daughter of CH Jake and Red Cowgirl.  She is a great example of the quality toys Jake can throw even with bigger females.  She is 11 inches tall, huge full collar and those glowing blue eyes.  Great girl with nice conformation.  Red Cowgirl is a sister to Brandy and Kiwi on my past dogs page.  Mandi is a 3rd generation Porter puppy out of one of my very favorite lines.  I'm proud of this girl! 
Mandi has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!



10 inches.  CH. Piper x CH. Hotshot
More info soon.

Peaches has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!


toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, red  merle aussie


Gia is younger in these pictures.  She was born here and is a daughter of Lilly and Jackpot.  She's 13 3/4 inches tall.  Her and Vegas are producing puppies who are winning their championship in conformation!  And what a great mommy she is, I'm proud to have her here.  Now if I could just get some better pictures of her...She absolutely refuses to put her ears up for pictures.  She looks so pretty, looking around, interested in everything until I get the camera out.  Then she gets this, I'm bored look.  GRR!  So I left a couple of her horrible (and old) pictures up so you can see her ear set.
Gia is retired!



toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, red  merle aussie
She's bred & starting to show in this picture!
Piper's Champion titled kids! Click on the thumbnails.
Piper is a great girl.  She is a daughter of Satch and Topper.  She's 12 inches tall and is a great asset to my breeding program.  She is a cousin of Abby's and goes back to a lot of my foundation bloodlines.  She has a sweet personality and is very confident.  She is also a great mommy!  She raised 9 puppies, most of which weren't even hers!
Piper is officially RETIRED! 


This is Sophie!  She an amazing girl.  I just can't seem to capture how nice she is in a picture!  She looks like a standard but she is 15 inches tall and is a cousin of Abby's.  She is a blue eyed tri producer.  The pups I have kept back from her are only 13 inches tall, tons of bone and great conformation.

Sophie has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!

I have kept several precious generations from Sophie.  She will always be treasured in my heart.
She retired, lived and was very loved here.  She's now waiting for me in heaven. Love my sweet Sophie.

My old, fat and happy Sophie.  Just as she was until she passed in her sleep.


Hollywood is an all time favorite.  Her fun personality gets to everyone she meets.  She's 12 inches tall and is out of quite a few of my foundation dogs. 
She's a daughter of CH. Porter's Piper and CH. Jake.


Lindsey's Tony G "Tony"

Sire: CH Pocket's Hotshot

Dam: CH Special Effects

DOB 3-8-17

13 inches

toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, black bi aussie, black tri toy aussie, blue eyed tri toy aussie

Barbie has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!



Lindsey's Whiskey Lullaby is a beautiful daughter of CH. Pistol and CH. Agent.  I absolutely adore this girl.  She has an awesome personality, just like her littermate brother Flint.  Whiskey is 11 inches tall.  Her copper is so dark it's almost red.  She is an outstanding little girl. 

Whiskey has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!


toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, black tri aussie
This is Monster!  She's the biggest little monster I've ever known at only 9 3/4 inches tall.  She has such a huge personality, always talking, always the center of attention everywhere she goes.  She's a herding little devil, a wild little woman, always looking for something to get into.  She's my little shadow.  She is very loyal, protective of me and very obedient.  She comes as soon as she's called every time, she stays even though it's SO hard and she loves it when I tell her to go find her fun (her toys).  Check out my videos page for lots of videos of her and her best friend Mali Monkey.  Monster is a daughter of CH. Vegas x Chica.

Monster has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!



Pistol has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!


Polly Pockets is a tiny girl.  I just measured her (5-27-15) at 9 1/2 inches tall and weighed in at a whole 5.4 lbs.



toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, black tri toy aussie

DIVA! She has definitely earned her name and has the attitude to fit!  If I  don't pick her up and carry her around while I'm doing chores, she lets me know about it!  Diva is 12 inches tall and about 18lbs!  She's a fancy little girl!  She did awesome at her first show and earned her championship title with lots of compliments from the judge!

This is Willow, Whisper and Diva's mother.  Willow is a grand niece of Hallie.  You can see her on my 'past dogs' page!  Hallie is also the mother of Abby, my blue eyed tri toy.  Willow is owned by Kelly of Cabalina Farms.



Meet Gambles!  She is a daughter of Maggie and 'Cooter'.  Also a full sister to Reno and Vegas.  She's young in these pictures and still has lots of growing up to do to catch up with her siblings.  She has a bright future and is a beautiful young lady.  She's so friendly, outgoing and very confident.  At 12 inches tall, "Lindsey's Gamblin' on a Romantic Treasure" is the total package.  Watch for her in the show ring.  Thanks to my Facebook fans for naming her!  I wanted to call her Gambles and since her siblings names are Vegas and Reno I wanted her name to have something to do with Las Vegas.  Well, Dennis and I got married there and stayed at Treasure Island.  So that's where her name came from.  I think it's pretty neat, thanks FB fans!  I know you guys are looking for a 'like button' right now.  hahaha

Gambles has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!

At 9 wksChampion Porter's Luck of Las Vegas  -full brother




toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, black tri toy aussie
Ditto is a carbon copy of her older sister CH. Leah.  They're daughters of CH. Billie who has produced quite a few of my favorites around here.  Some of them may be plain in color, but they are outstanding dogs.  Outstanding producers.  Look at dogs like Rebel Chic, Maybelline, Lookin, Sexy, etc.  Ditto not only comes from my favorite lines, but she is one of my all time favorite girls. She's so loving and so insistent on getting all the love she can get, every minute of every day.  She lives to please me and is always on my heels.  I'm looking forward to getting more pictures of her as she gets her coat back this winter. 
Ditto is 13 inches tall and is a heavy 18lbs.
Ditto and Leah

Ditto has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!





CH. Lindsey's Luck of the Draw aka Drew
11 inches tall.  CH. Julie x CH. Hotshot
More info soon.

Drew has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!




Canvas is 13 inches tall.
By CH. Braylin and CH. Dodger



Gia and Sue are sisters.  I can hardly get them apart,
so I'm putting them on together.   Both are 13 inches.


Drama is 14 inches tall. 


Squeeze is a 12 inch black tri female.
By CH. Ditto and Ranger


Billie is a small toy, she is right under 11 inches tall, weighs 10 lbs and is as sweet as they come.  She loves attention and is everyone's buddy!   I raised her here, she is a daughter of Jazz and Booger!  I wish I had better pictures, but I can't ever get her far enough away from me long enough to get better ones. 

Pictured above, Billie, affectionately called Mama, is pictured here with her 2 puppies that both ended up earning their championship titles.  One winning Best in Show and the other Reserve Best in Show.  Look for Lindsey's Supernatural Request and Lindsey's Rebel Chic on my bred by page for more pics of these girls.

Billie has retired, but will live out her life here as a ranch dog.  She always welcomes us, but is never in the way.  She is one that I look forward to hugging every morning. 


Younger days...
This is Leah, she is a daughter of Billie and Cooter.  She's turning into a beautiful girl!  I'm very excited about her.  She's 12 inches and weighs about 18lbs.  She has that rich copper that shows up in all of her puppies.  It really makes her stand out!  She's filled out nicely and has proven herself to be an amazing producer (even producing champions) and a great mother.  Just look at CH. Maybelline and Peggy Sue!

Leah has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!

Leah is retired and loving life here.  She's pretty sure she runs the place!


This is Reno, she was born here!  She is a daughter of Maggie and Cooter.  Her brother is on our studs page, his name is Vegas!  Both of these guys are beautiful dogs and I couldn't be more proud of them.  She's 12  inches and about 14 lbs.  She was one of 3 blue eyed tri puppies in her litter. 

Reno has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!
RENO is retired! 


Color Country's Tiny Tot "Tiny Tot"

Sire: CH. Color Country's Wild Child "Gordo"

Dam: CH. Color Country's Shasta

DOB 8-17-15

10 inches

Lindsey's Betty "Betty"

Sire: Boot Tops LCR Cactus Ruger

Dam: Guilliens Belle of Twilight at Grandview

DOB 6-9-13

12 inches


toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, red tri toy aussie, lindsey porter, lindsey okeeffe, porterhorsesales, lawotn oklahoma
One of my favorite girls! At 11 inches tall, she's so beautiful, classy and she's got that confident attitude that makes her that much better!  She goes back to one of my first 3 Mini Aussies.  I'm so glad to have her here as a part of my breeding program.


Meet Champion Lindsey's Perfect Addiction.  Addy is 11 inches tall.  She's a daughter of CH. Zoey and CH. Hotshot.  She's turning into quite the little social butterfly around here!  Her and Ashley are best buds.


This is Maggie, she's one of my favorite girls.  She has such a wonderful, loving personality.  She's so laid back and wants nothing more than to be in your lap! She doesn't have a lot of white, but she throws nice puppies!  She is the mother of Reno and Vegas, both blue eyed tris.  She passes on her heavy coat and heavy bone.  She's 13 inches.  She was raised here.  Her mother was Kenya and sire was Canyon.  They can be seen on my past dogs page!

Maggie has earned her CHAMPIONSHIP title!

Maggie is spayed and retired. 



Tyler is just about 7-8 months old in these pics and he's already stunning.     toy aussie shepherd, mini australian shepherd, lindseys aussies, porterhorses, black  tri toy aussie, lindsey porter, lindsey okeeffe, porterhorsesales, lawotn oklahoma, 580-695-7711, blue eblack tri toy australian shepherd, blue eyed tri toy aussie maleTyler and Agent father and son toy aussies.  Both are 10 inches tall.
 He's right under 10 inches tall, great conformation, awesome bone, a beautiful head and ears.  What a great all around package he is.  And all that in only 10 inches!  He's so sweet, friendly and very talkative.  I'm not talking about barking, I mean this guy makes more noises than Mali, my monkey does!  He has such a huge personality and is always clowning around.  What a wonderful addition to my breeding program.  Watch for litters out of him in the near future.  He'll definitely make an appearance at the ASDR show here in May! 

Tyler has earned his CHAMPIONSHIP title!


Agent...well, he's 1 in a million.
He has the best personality an Aussie can have.  He's inquisitive, loving, trusting, friendly, playful, a major goofball, proud, confident and sometimes a little cocky.  He's a wiggly ball of fur that you just want to cuddle, but he's so darn busy giving kisses and clowning around that he's not the best snuggler until after he's settled down for the day. 
He's 10 inches tall, at a little over a year old he weighs about 8 pounds. I expect him to weigh a little closer to 10 pounds when he's mature.  Boys tend to really fill out about the time they turn 2. He is a daughter of CH. Lindsey's Doin' It Hollywood Style and CH. Lindsey's Tyler.  Hollywood is a daughter of CH. Porter's Piper and CH. Our Blue Jake.  Piper is by a dog I still own today named CH. Satch.  I can keep going back 2 more generations on his mothers side. He's 5th generation my breeding.  That's something to be proud of. :)

Agent pictured with his Daddy, Tyler.

                                                       Enjoying a little 'Dead Puppy' love!  He's such a ham!

nteresting fact:  Agent has earned a nick name that has stayed with him so far and I'm sure will forever.  It's Dead Puppy. 
Some of you know the story (or have met him) and agree that it fits, others are going...WHAT?! Dead Puppy?
Yes, that's what he answers to most of the time.  Here is the story...
When he was a tiny little guy he had the same wild personality he has now.  He would run and play until he just couldn't go anymore.  Puppies (especially tiny ones) need plenty of rest between playtimes.  So he'd run till he was just give out and then crash wherever he was standing.  He'd pass out in the middle of the pasture, half way between here or there...he'd just go to sleep.  At first I was worried (worried about hypoglycemia/low blood sugar) so I offered him canned food which he'd always gobble right up but he quickly learned if he'd fall over and play dead that I'd give him canned food.  The challenge was that he might think of it and start his little game while he was across the yard or behind some grass.  Remember, he was only knee high to a grasshopper.  So finding him was a challenge.  I'd start looking for him and hollering...where's my dead puppy?  He'd lift his head up until I saw him then drop his head back down.  As soon as I got to him with canned food, he was so happy and proud of himself, how could I not give it to him!?  So began the name Dead Puppy.  Still at over a year old, sometimes when he sees me coming he'll flop his normally very wiggly body over on the ground.  Only lifting up his head to make sure I see him so he gets his yummy canned food.   Of course, it still works.  Every time.
So when you hear me affectionately refer to one of my dogs as 'Dead Puppy', you know the story and you know he earned that silly name.





This is Cooter.  He is my all time favorite guy!  He is 11 inches tall, weighs 11 lbs and he is Mr. Personality!  He goes to horse sales with me, is a common sight around the barn when he isn't busy with his girls.  He is very correct, has an amazing coat and has proven himself over and over.  His puppies are small, correct and very friendly.   See his pedigree here!
Cooter won his CHAMPIONSHIP title!
I do have a few straws of frozen semen that may be available.

Cooter is retiring in May 2011 and be shown with his new best friend, Lauren at the May 2011 ASDR dog show.


This is Sniper!  He is from a breeding between Toots and Booger years ago!  I sold him to a friend of mine here in Oklahoma.  I got lucky enough to get him back!  Toots was one of the first 10 mini/toy aussies I ever owned and Booger was one of my first, favorite and best stud dogs ever.  So Sniper brings back some of my foundation bloodlines.  Watch for his puppies in the future. He's only 11 inches tall and weighs about 12 lbs.  He is a VERY stocky boy. 


Allie is retired!




Satch is a wonderful dog.  She's 15 inches tall. She, like her sister Sophie, has wonderful conformation.  She's very heavy bodied, a great head, bone and she has proven herself to be a great producer.  She has had some beautiful puppies.  Even a pair of mirror twin blue eyed tri girls that I'm keeping back for my breeding program.    Check out her older daughter, Lindsey's Sneak Preview and the younger girl, Lindsey's First Rate Review.  Both girls got their CHAMPIONSHIP title in conformation!
Satch is retired.


Are you looking for a dog that used to be on here?
 Possibly one that is
RETIRED?  Check here.



All of the males, minis and toys have been moved to the MALES page.




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