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January 31, 2009

Brooke is 13 inches tall.  She has the best personality and disposition.  Her puppies are always the most outgoing and personable!   


This is a special litter.  Brooke is a special dog.  Here is her story.

 First of all, these puppies are 6th generation Porter Puppies!  In her last litter, she produced pattern whites like she did in this one.  They are very flashy, uniquely colored puppies.  They are like the paints of mini aussies.  They are not show quality.  Their markings do not meet 'breed standards'.  However, they make wonderful pets, agility dogs, herding dogs, working dogs and best friends.  The only things these colorful puppies cannot do is compete in a dog show that judges on breed standards.  The reason I breed Brooke is because she is a perfect size, has a wonderful personality that she passes to all of her puppies and because not everyone is looking for a show dog.  Some people out there are looking for that perfect pet.  Some of you are looking for something a little different, unique.  So, I breed Brooke because I love her puppies and so do people who own a Brooke puppy!  Brooke's puppies will be about 13 inches, nice conformation and will have the sweetest personalities.  They aren't from a high drive line, so they don't have so much energy they won't lay on the couch with you.  At the same time, they are aussies and they are definitely more than willing to chase you down the beach or follow along on that all day trail ride you have planned!
On the flip side, if you're wanting a dog to breed and you don't want pattern whites, you can buy one of the puppies that is not mismarked.  I have her littermate sister, Jenna.  You can check out her last litters and see, they are all breed standard colors. 

Merle female $750
Merle males $650
Tri females $650-1000 
Tri males $450

New pictures taken March 2nd.

1/2 face black tri female with 2 blue eyes.  $1000  SOLD!  Thanks Jayme of OR!

Pattern white blue merle female. 2 blue eyes.  See adult pattern white at the bottom of the page to get an idea of what she'll look like mature!  SOLD! 

Black tri female $650  SOLD!

1/2 face black tri female.  Lots of white!  $650  SOLD!  Thank you Kylie of Stillwater, Ok

Blue merle male.  Marked just like his mom.  Huge collar, but a white over one eye. $600 SOLD!  Thanks Lacey of Tulsa, OK!  
Lacey saved $100 with my 15% off special!

Black tri male.  SOLD!  Thanks Nathan!

Blue merle male, tweed.  Tiny little fluff ball!  1 lb, 8oz at 7 weeks old!  TINY!  $600  SOLD!

Black tri male.  $300  SOLD!  Thanks Randy of Amarillo, Tx!




Just a few pictures...March 2nd


Pics below taken Feb7th

These guys will be toys!  Wonderful pets between 12-13 inches tall.  8-12lbs.

Black tri female.

This little girl will look like the pattern white male at the bottom of this page.  The lighting is bad in the last 2 pics.  I'll have to get more soon!

Black tri female

Black tri female

This little guy will look exactly like Brooke!  Identical markings!

Black tri male, will be a toy.

Blue merle male.  Will look a lot like the merle puppy pictured below.

Black tri male, full collar.  Will be a toy.  SOLD!  Thank you Nathan of Norman!  Nathan saved $250 with the Valentine special! 


Just for your info!  This litter is a 6th generation Porter Puppy! 

Curious to see where these puppies came from?

Waggin' Tail Wooly Booger is a foundation sire of a lot of Mini Aussies.  He was born and raised at Rimfire Kennels and is an awesome producer.  I've kept a lot of his puppies back!  He is 13 inches tall.  He is Jenna and Brooke's sire.  This litter's Grandsire.


I also owned Cowgirl, unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of her!

Cowgirl Gigi, daughter of Cowgirl.  Mother of Kiwi. Kiwi.  Daughter of Gigi, mother of Belle. Belle, daughter of Kiwi, mother of Jenna.
Jenna littermate sister to Brooke Brooke Pups of Jenna and Cowboy!
Current litter

Brooke's last litter


This puppy is a tweed, she is a good example of what the merle male with the dilute spots will look like!


This little guy is 12 1/2 inches mature.  He is a son of Brooke.  From her last litter.  In the 2nd pic he's a little younger and playing with his cousin.  A son of Jenna. I'll get some better pics of him for this page. 

A couple more pic of Belle, Brooke and Jenna's mother.  The grand dam of this litter.

Jenna's past litters...
Jenna's litter November 2007
Jenna's litter July 2008

Brooke's past litter...
Brooke's litter April 2008

Brooke and Jenna's litter
Belle's litter May 2006

If you'll look closely, you'll see that Brooke is a pattern white. 
Its impossible to tell now that she's older and her hair is longer.

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